Don’t violate the details when boiling Chinese medicine

Don’t violate the details when boiling Chinese medicine

Volatile medicines are covered with lids. It is not a matter of living habits to cover the lids when boiling the medicine. It is true that the effect of opening and closing the lid is different for different medicines.

Some volatile medicinal materials, if left open, the active ingredients will be emitted into the air with water vapor, and the efficacy will be greatly discounted.

This kind of volatile medicinal materials is easy to identify. Generally, it is Xinsanjietang or aromatized wet drugs, such as peppermint, perilla leaf, amaranth, etc., and the cooking time should not be too long.

Another example is that some tonic drugs such as ginseng, velvet antler, and American ginseng, etc., need to be cooked slowly and slowly for a long time in a container to effectively and fully cook them. They should also be covered with a lid to prevent the drug ingredients from being cooked slowly.Boiled with water vapor lost.

  For some light-weight and bulky medicinal materials, such as money grass, senna, etc., if the boiled medicine container is not large enough, it is easy to spill the medicine liquid if it is covered with a package.

In addition, some hard-to-dissolve medicinal materials should be stirred frequently during torment.

Of course, it is best to go in one direction quickly, so that the medicinal materials are evenly heated, and the active ingredients are completely dissolved. Generally, it is turned over once every 10 minutes.

  The boiled medicine will be boiled for a while. The boil is boiled in most people’s impressions, but some medicinal materials, such as Ginseng, Tianqi, Achyranthes bidentata, licorice, Chinese bellflower, etc., will boil, such asThe medicine begins to boil when the temperature does not reach 100 ° C. If the medicine is removed from the fire at this time, the effective ingredients in the medicine are not dissolved, and the efficacy will be hindered.

  Need to use boiling water to boil medicine Now people boil medicine are a bit “lazy”, open tap water and use directly.

In fact, the boiling water can’t be saved. You should still use the boiled water to cool it down before using it, because the tap water in some places is mostly disinfected with chlorine, and there is more or less residual.It is easy to react with compounds in medicinal materials and affect the efficacy.