Lack of vitamin B1 often eat preserved egg porridge

Lack of vitamin B1 often eat preserved egg porridge

Preserved egg lean porridge is a kind of porridge that is very common in Guangdong, China. It is made from small pieces of preserved eggs and salty lean meat.

Preserved egg porridge is very popular in Hong Kong, and all porridge noodle shops and Chinese restaurants will have this porridge.

  Different restaurants have slightly different cooking methods for preserved egg porridge: some are made of shredded pork, and some are cut into pieces of pork.

Using different lean meats will bring different taste to the porridge, but the taste is not far away.

In the Mainland, some people add sesame oil and chopped green onion before eating, but in Hong Kong they only add chopped green onion or crispy.

In addition, there are also preserved pork porridges from preserved egg porridge, using fresh pieces of meat instead of salted lean meat as ingredients.

In the line, Jane is called “preserved egg”, also known as “flavored porridge.”

  Preserved egg lean porridge is thick and dense, tastes smooth, good digestion and is loved by the elderly, but the elderly can not often eat preserved egg lean porridge.

  The preserved egg is alkaline, and the alkali performance increases the viscosity of the rice porridge. Therefore, the cooked porridge is thicker, but at the same time, these alkaline substances also cause a large loss of vitamin B1 in rice and lean meat.

  Vitamin B1 itself is not easily decomposed by heat, but when it encounters alkali, it becomes very sensitive to heat. The porridge takes a long time and the temperature is high, which can degrade most of the vitamin B1 in rice and lean meat.

Especially rice, wheat is still the main source of vitamin B1 intake from the national people. If you always eat preserved porridge, the human body must not get extra vitamin B1.

The lack of vitamin B1 can make people feel tired, headache, loss of appetite, constipation, etc. Therefore, the elderly should not eat preserved egg lean porridge.