5 Things Hiding Women’s Secrets In The Morning

5 Things Hiding Women’s Secrets In The Morning

When you wake up every morning, apart from being lazy and not wanting to get up, will you have some uncomfortable minor problems?

Do not ignore these minor problems, because some unhealthy information is hiding in it!

First, the cause of dark circles: if the dark circles occasionally “patronize”, it may be caused by factors such as staying up late, insomnia, drinking too much coffee, etc., but if continuous or long-term, it may be caused by irregular menstruation, Qi before and afterPoor blood can easily form dark circles.

In addition, patients with allergic rhinitis or inadequate pigmentation of the eye makeup and lack of physical exercise, poor blood circulation and other daily factors, can also cause people to unknowingly produce “Panda eyes”.

At the same time, dark circles also indicate that some chronic diseases may appear, replacing poor digestion and absorption, chronic gastritis or chronic liver disease.

  Remedy: Eat more vitamin A foods such as sesame, peanuts, soybeans, carrots, chicken liver, pork liver, etc., to eliminate dark circles.

Occasionally, the dark circles can massage the acupoints such as bamboo, Qingming, and Sibai around the eyes, which can relax the meridians and promote the dissipation of dark circles.

For long-term panda eyes, it is recommended that you adjust from the inside of your body through Chinese medicine.

  PS: If it is not for a week or even more consecutive morning morning dark circles due to staying up late and not having a good rest, do not eliminate the surface, but in-depth inspection.

Second, the cause of dizziness: If you are an OL family in the office, the most likely cause of dizziness early is the long-term use of a computer to cause problems with the cervical spine, compressing the vertebral artery, affecting the blood supply to the brain, and if you usually drink water and exercise, the blood viscosity is smallHigher people also easily cause insufficient blood and oxygen supply to the brain.

  Remedy: Find a pillow that’s right for you. Pillow height 15 when supine?
20 cm, pillow height about 20 when sleeping sideways?
A height of 15 cm is appropriate.

“Sit back and relax” is not good, it is best to keep the normal physiological arc of orientation regardless of sleeping on your back.

  The three “half-minutes” are also very suitable for women: wake up and lie down for half a minute, then get up and sit on the bed for half a minute, and finally sit on the bed with your feet on the floor for half a minute to give your feet blood.

  PS: If you often get dizzy early in the morning, it is recommended that you check your blood pressure for low blood pressure or anemia.

In addition, please remind you not to rely on the bed, because the bed is suitable for people to think wildly, and also needs to use the brain, which will cause temporary “malnutrition” in the brain tissue.

Third, the cause of sweating: There are many reasons for sweating in the morning, such as hypoglycemia.

Sweating, but no other symptoms, is likely to be a response to “sub-health”, affected by the seasons, Yin and Yang disorders, visceral dysfunction.

  Remedy: Don’t sleep too late at night and increase exercise time. The OL family in the office can use the stool to do some exercise; and eat more vitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet.

If you have just been sick before sweating, it may be caused by physical weakness after the illness, and strengthening exercise will improve; if it is caused by diabetes, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism and other diseases, you must treat the disease before you can stop sweating.

  PS: Morning sweating is a special reaction of the body. If it recurs internally or continuously, it is best to go to the hospital to determine the cause.