Health and music can be used in common?

Health and music can be used in common?

Music is a kind of melody, a language, a state of mind, and it is the expression of emotions such as joy, sadness, melancholy, humor, and anger in the form of sound. The charm of music can reach the human heart, arouse people’s nerves, and let people inThe flowing and mysterious experience pours the prescription of the soul. Music in a unique form reflects the essence of the universe and also reflects the state of human mind. It can widely and profoundly affect human physiology and has a unique health function.The “music therapy” with the content of music health care is also called “music health” or “music health care”.

Music therapy is a comprehensive science involving multiple disciplines such as musicology, psychology, medicine, philosophy, aesthetics, etc., and traces the purpose of music health from the long-standing motherland culture, and can better experience “musicians, heart movements”, “Musician, virtue of China” wonderful.

  The theory of yin and yang keeping in good health with music is the ancient Chinese philosophical thought. It illustrates the dialectical relationship of all things being opposite and unified, as well as the attributes of all things changing phenomena. It is the so-called “yin and yang, all things can make it.”

“” Yin and Yin are not born, and Yang is not long. “Yin and Yang are interdependent, interrelated, mutually interoperable, and mutually growing and maintaining a dynamic balance between them.”Yin Zhishi also” layout.

“Yin Ping Yang Secrets, the spirit is the rule”, as a basic context throughout the traditional Chinese medicine system, the balance of yin and yang is the basis of human health.

The Eastern Han Dynasty’s Taiping Jing uses the theory of yin and yang to explain the origin of music and the meaning of health, and believes that the development of music is in accordance with the laws of yin and yang in all universes.

The yin and yang principle of music can be interpreted as: high is yang, low is yin; major is yang, minor is yin; strong is yang, weak is yin; rigid is yang, soft is yin;The voice of Yang and Silkwood is Yin.

Music health is precisely aimed at the attributes of yin and yang in the body, and the yin and yang properties of music are used to compensate for the evils, so as to coordinate the balance of yin and yang.

For patients with Yang Deficiency and Cold Syndrome, you can enjoy the cold and warm Yang, instead of active, cheerful, excited, and passionate music.

Due to the relativity of yin and yang, it must also be adapted to individual conditions according to people’s gender, age, educational level, artistic accomplishment, and many other factors.

  Five Elements and Music Health

In “Yin and Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun”, the five tones are related to heaven, earth, body, and mind, and the horns, signs, palaces, commerce, and feathers belong to wood, fire, earth, gold, and water.The doctrine of the five internal organs is that the palace sound enters the spleen, the commercial sound enters the lungs, the horn sounds the human liver, the sign sounds enter the heart, and the feather sound enters the kidney.

The relationship between Wuyin and Yinyang Five Elements can also be seen in historical books such as Zuo Zhuan, Mandarin, and Guanzi.

Similar to the five elements, and the opposites, the five sounds are also united in opposition, Gong Shengzheng, enrollment quotient, Shangsheng feather, feather horn, feather water, horn wood, the main relationship between them in the mode, this is a symbiosisAnd Shang, Horn is gold, wood; Zheng, Feather is water, fire, continuous second degree, is not a consonant interval, in traditional music, it is a gram.

The inner part of the music is centered on human emotions. The ancients categorized the spiritual effects of the five tones: “The palace sounds are peaceful and solemn and magnanimous; the commercial sounds are generous and melancholy, miserable and robust;The sound is long and clear, honest and gentle; the tone is gentle and fluent, elegant and supple; the sound of the feather is high and clean, light and clear. ”

It is determined by the spiritual effect of Wuyin, so “Smelling the palace sound makes people feel comfortable and wide; smelling the commercial sound makes people upright and righteous; smelling the horn sound makes people hide and love others; smelling the sign sounds makes people happyAnd good Shi; Wen Yuyin makes people neat and polite.

The doctrine of “five internal organs” is of great significance in music health. It is called in the “Inner Canon”. The palace is the sound of the spleen, big and big, and the sigher also thinks of hurting the spleen.The anger is to treat the thoughts with thoughts; the voice of the lungs is the light of the lungs, and the sorrow is also the sorrow of the lungs. You can use the joy of the commercials to rejoice and heal the sorrows . this is the visceral voice.It is used to treat the internal organ diseases, of course, we also need to treat the internal organ diseases according to the law of the five elements.

Generally speaking, the palace and syndrome styles are bright in color, have the effect of strengthening the spleen and heart, the feather and corner styles are darker in color, and have the effects of kidney and liver relaxation.It is gratifying and has the effect of clearing the lungs, so according to different conditions, replacing appropriate music according to the five elements theory can improve the health effect.

  Qiqing and Music Health

“Yin and Yang should be like a great theory”: “People have five internal organs and five qis, and live with joy, anger, sorrow, and grief.”If you are surprised, then you will be upset, and if you are thinking, you will be angry. “It is a summary of the dynamics of the human mind.

And “the change of the tune mimics the dynamics of the mind”, music is just fused with the feelings of the soul.

Regarding the unique role of music in the disease caused by the seven emotions, the medical doctor Zhang Zihe is quite insightful: “Rage is treated with grief, and the sound of sorrow and pain is felt; sorrow is treated with joy, and the words of slapstick are misguided;Fear the rule of joy, to force the words of death to teach; to use anger to think, to insult and deceive things can do; to think of terror by thinking, to take away what he said.

All these five will be treacherous and omnipotent, and then they can be moved to the ears and the eyes.

“Qingqing Heyue is the foundation of healthy and longevity. Music is the effect of consciousness and emotions on the physiology and pathology of the five internal organs. It uses music to” snow its irritability, relieve its competition “, and pursue” indifferent tranquility and clean heart. “”To achieve the purpose of health.