Money saving action for home fitness

Money saving action for home fitness

People always feel that they cannot exercise at home. In fact, many of the equipment in the family are good substitute sports equipment. If they can be fully utilized, it will be of great benefit to increase physical fitness.


Use the bed to replace the cushion: on the bed, you can do abdomen lifts, sit-ups, push-ups, ankle presses, leg splits and other activities.


Use the door frame and the tree to break the horizontal bar: you can do pull-ups on the treetops and door frames, lift your abdomen, and lift your legs.


Use openings and windowsills instead of ribs: do some exercises such as leg presses, shoulder presses, leg presses, kicks, and handstands against the wall.


Use the chair and bench to replace the platform: put your feet on the chair or board to do push-ups, increase the difficulty of push-ups, beginners can also hold the chair and bench to do push-ups.


Use small spaces: do high-leg raising exercises, trotting, jumping, dumbbells, freehand exercises, shot puts, pullers, and other exercises that mimic movements.


Squat exercises: It can strengthen the quadriceps, glutes and abdomen deformities of the arms, make the lower limbs more curvy, and expand the chest cavity and increase lung capacity.

  To use these existing equipment and furniture for exercises, first check whether these substitutes are reliable, pay attention to safety at all times, and use them mostly in the morning and evening.