Must-see: Five Myths About Eating Ginseng

Must-see: Five Myths About Eating Ginseng

As a precious Chinese medicinal material, ginseng has been praised as a tonic by Chinese people since ancient times and is widely used.

At present, people have misunderstandings about ginseng.

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating ginseng on fire “Eating ginseng on fire” is a widely accepted saying and opinion.

In fact, this view is extremely biased and is the biggest misunderstanding and misunderstanding of ginseng.

Many people eat ginseng and get angry. One of the preliminary is overdose.

  Professor Han Shangzhi of Daehan Korean Medical University, Korea, conducted clinical trials of ginseng on 160 Koreans and 160 Chinese from May to November 2002. The method is to eat 3 grams of ginseng per person per day for 4 months.
After 4 months of testing, these people did not get angry.

  However, the ginseng’s medicinal power is large, especially the perennial garden ginseng and wild mountain ginseng, which should not be taken in excess, otherwise it will be counterproductive and cause symptoms such as nosebleeds and aphthous ulcers.

How much is the daily amount of ginseng?

Fresh ginseng and dried ginseng are not the same, garden ginseng and wild ginseng are different, weak and strong are not the same, the elderly are not the same as the young, the nourishment and treatment are not the same, the mild and severe are not the same, only eatIt’s different from eating every day.

  The amount of pure wild ginseng is much less than that of garden ginseng.

Adults cannot use dried wild ginseng more than 0 per day.

3 grams, if you eat wild ginseng, you should take it, usually 0.

1 gram is enough.

  Misunderstanding 2: Summer can not eat ginseng Some people say that summer can not eat ginseng, otherwise they get angry, this statement is also one-sided.

The experts answered that ginseng can also be eaten in summer, but the type and quantity of ginseng is slightly different from that in winter.

  Ginseng products include fresh ginseng, white dried ginseng (raw dried ginseng), red dried ginseng (red ginseng), ginseng whiskers, ginseng powder, and ginsenoside tablets.

There are many types of ginseng to eat in summer, such as fresh ginseng, raw sun ginseng, ginseng, ginseng powder, and ginsenoside tablets.

Red ginseng is also edible, but the amount must be controlled.

For example, the amount of red ginseng eaten in winter is less than 5 grams, and in summer it is controlled within 3 grams.

  This can be flexibly grasped according to your physical condition and different diseases.

For example, people in the south often eat ginseng, and as long as they don’t overdo it, they generally don’t get angry; while people in the northeast often eat ginseng, even in the same amount as people in the south, some people will get angry.

Specifically, Southerners take 1 each time.

For 5 grams of ginseng, each person in the Northeast can take 1 gram each time.

Can be taken twice daily and three times in winter.

If you drink it with ginseng, you can drink it for a while every day, but it doesn’t exceed 3 grams per person per day in summer and 5 grams per person per day in winter.

  Misunderstanding 3: Children and young people do not need to eat ginseng. Whether children can eat ginseng or not depends on people.

Children with good constitution and healthy development do not need to eat ginseng.

However, if you are weak and have certain development problems, you can eat ginseng, but strictly control the dosage.

  In the southern region, adults often take the initiative to give children ginseng soup or the like during autumn and winter, which has the effect of resisting and resisting cold, and the effect is good.

  In ancient China, traditional Chinese medicine believed that the causes of pediatric turtle back, chicken breast, Wuchi (liqi, traveling late, hair delayed, teeth late, speech late), five soft (soft head, soft items, soft hands and feet, soft muscles, soft mouth) are the causesDue to weakness, ginseng can be taken to improve the status quo.

  In Korea, ginseng honey is fed two or three months after the birth of the child. As long as the amount is not exceeded, the effect is satisfactory and there are no side effects.

Some Korean families even feed ginseng shortly after their child is born.

  The purpose of eating ginseng by young people is different from that of old people. The young people eat ginseng and the old people eat ginseng to achieve higher exuberance, more vigorous energy, and transformation of vitality. The elderly eat ginseng mainly for treatment.Nourishing supplemented.

Young athletes from South Korea, Russia and other countries mainly take ginseng to improve their athletic performance.

  Misunderstanding 4: Chinese ginseng is not as good as Korean ginseng and American ginseng. The main production area of Chinese ginseng is on the west slope and Yumai of Changbai Mountain, and the main production area of Korean ginseng is on the east and south of Changbai Mountain.

Current experts used Chinese red ginseng and Korean Korean ginseng for a comparative study, and the results showed that the main indicators of red ginseng were mostly higher and closer to Korean ginseng.

  Some people think that the price of American ginseng is higher than that of Chinese ginseng, and the effect will be better, but this is not the case.A Korean ginseng research institute studies the active ingredients of various ginseng: 19 types of Japanese ginseng, 28 types of American ginseng, and 30 types of Chinese ginseng.

Chinese experts have found that there are 56 active ingredients in Chinese ginseng.

  Misunderstanding 5: Drinking ginseng stewed chicken soup is the best nourishing method for thousands of years. Chinese folks have popularized a kind of nourishing method, that is, drinking ginseng stewed chicken soup in winter.

In recent years, expert studies have suggested that chicken soup should not be consumed by six people with hyperacidity, biliary tract disease, renal insufficiency, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

  There are many ways to eat ginseng. You can drink it in water, directly chew it, take it, take it with water, take it with water, stew it with water, and use it with traditional Chinese medicine stew.