Interpersonal relationships give headaches to civil servants

Interpersonal relationships give headaches to civil servants

Beijing ‘s civil servants ‘psychological backlog is much larger than 30%. The registration for the 2007 civil service exams has just ended, with stable work, high wages, good benefits, and so on. This allows the annual civil service exam registration to become extremely popular, and the competition ratio in many places is over 1,000.Than 1.

Just when everyone was salivating about the position of civil servants and eager to try, the news about the mental health of civil servants on the Internet was also reprinted by major websites.

  The report said that Xu Peiji, deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Committee and senior psychological counselor, used his thirty years of experience in government departments to make a statement. He said that 30% of government civil servants are psychologically hostile and environmentally friendly.Disapproval, often complaining.

In addition, depression and anxiety are not less than 30%.

  According to the figure of 30%, Liu Tiegang, a Beijing fraternity counseling expert, said that this number is only a set of local survey data, and then rolled out to the whole country based on local conditions. It has a certain meaning, but it is not absolute.

We need to consider the regional differences among them. Although Chongqing is also a municipality, from the perspective of economic development, urban employment environment, and urban work rhythm, these indicators are significantly lower than Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities.It is also lower than most southeast coastal cities. If this number is analyzed in these places, 30% is too conservative.

Take Beijing as an example. There are many universities and talents in Beijing. The fierce degree of competition can be imagined. In addition, the civil servants’ rice bowl is another attractive one. It will be difficult to count the competitors, and the proportion of psychological backlog of civil servantsMuch greater than 30%.

  Interpersonal relationship becomes a problem for public servant consultationThe relationship between colleagues, how to deal with the relationship of colleagues after promotion.

  Liu Tiegang’s analysis shows that the selection mechanism of national civil servants is very strict now. After several layers of examinations and screenings, the remaining ones can be said to be elites. There is absolutely no problem in personal ability and it is completelyMost of the civil servants who are capable of their own work have basically no problems in their business work. Most of the problems are caused by factors beyond their control. The interpersonal relationship in the unit is a very important one. How to deal with the interpersonal relationship in the unit?Relationships are a headache for many civil servants.

  It is important for civil servants to calm down their mentality. So how to adjust the psychological backlog of civil servants?

Liu Tiegang introduced that the psychological backlog of each civil servant has different symptoms, and the causes of the backlog are also various. When we make adjustments, we must make specific adjustments according to the different circumstances of each person.

However, the more popular training mainly includes training to increase mental patience, frustration, and training to increase optimism.

No matter how deep the adjustment is, we need to analyze it in specific situations.

  Teacher Liu introduced a case he once took over: there is a civil servant with a master’s degree, who does the same job with colleagues who have graduated from many undergraduates in the unit, gets the same salary and enjoys the same expenses, and even some undergraduates earn more than his salary.At least it’s better. This makes the graduate students very unbalanced and has a lot of opinions on colleagues and leaders.

  According to Liu Tiegang’s analysis, this graduate student regards his own criteria for judging things as the criteria for judging society. Anyone who does not meet his criteria is considered to be wrong. A high education level is just one of his personal advantages. A high education level does not mean that he willWith high ability, you have good work performance.

Although other undergraduates have less advanced academic qualifications, undergraduates may have other specialties. They can repeat their academic deficiencies. For example, they are good at handling interpersonal relationships, good at handling subordinate relationships, being modest and cautious, etc. These will give leadership,Colleagues leave a very good impression, which is conducive to future improvement and salary expenditure. From this advantage, undergraduate and master students are tied.

At the same time, the master is living in dissatisfaction, which will inevitably affect his work attitude and work efficiency, and undergraduates can obviously feel the intense competition and the pressure of work because of their low academic qualifications. He can welcome the work with a positive attitude.In this way, he can do his job well.

On the contrary, high education makes many people not see their own shortcomings, the advantages of others.

Many people think that they know themselves well and do not know others. In fact, the opposite is true.