Aerobics makes the surroundings reappear

Aerobics makes the surroundings reappear

The dark bodybuilding method pulls the arms, placing the arms on the body parts, slowly lifting to the sides, reaching the height between the head and shoulders, and then slowly lifting forward until the arms stop nearing the collision;Separate and restore muscle relaxation.

Repeat this slowly and repeatedly for 5-8 times.

  Stand up against it with your arms on both sides of the chair.

Lean on your back and move your center of gravity to your arms. At the same time, your legs are straightened, your hips are tightened and tilted forward, your head is raised and your chest is straightened, and your body is straight for 5 seconds.

Pay attention to natural breathing, with both arms and body straight.

  Press your chest and your arms will hang down naturally.

  Move your upper body back and sit on your heels while exhaling.

The arms are flat in front of the chest, the back of the hands are opposite, the fingers touch the chest, and the chest is lowered.

Then move the center of gravity forward, straighten your hips, raise your upper body, inhale at the same time, flex your arms and shoulders laterally (the palms of your hands, spread your fingers apart), and lift your head straight.

Repeat this operation.

  Prone movements with feet apart from shoulder width.

Press your upper body down, bend your arms to place your body side so that your upper arm is parallel to the ground, and then inhale. With your arms stretched straight to your elbow joints, raise your chest and lift your chest, return to the ready position, and exhale.

Repeat as many times as you can.

  Do supine exercise, hold dumbbells in both hands, stretch both arms flat, and lift the straight arms for long-lasting chest muscle contraction, then relax and restore, repeat 20-30 times per minute.

  Exercise on the bed, lift the bottom of the tibia outside the bed, then lift the upper body, and alternately perform the “stroke” posture with both hands.

10-15 times per minute.