How to skip thin skinny thighs?

How to skip thin skinny thighs?

Rope skipping is a common exercise method in life and one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Rope skipping is indeed a good way to lose weight, but if used incorrectly, it will also cause you harm.

Before preparing for skipping to lose weight, learn some basics about skipping to lose weight.

Nowadays, many people like to use skipping rope to slim their thighs.

Here we take a look!

  First, raise the leg and jump the rope. One leg is raised at a right angle, and the left and right legs are switched to jump.

The point is toe down when jumping.

If you have difficulty changing legs continuously, you can adjust the rhythm lightly upside down after jumping once.

  Use high leg lifts, coupled with high-intensity training of hip girth muscle contraction and contraction, so there is a hip-lifting effect, but pay attention to the impact of lower limbs when the feet fall, it is best to wear protective antagonismAgent and do a good warm-up.

  Tip: This method is not suitable for weight-loss friends who are overweight, and may easily cause knee injuries.

  Second, open your legs and jump your feet together and jump together once, and then use your feet to open and swing the rope.

When the rope turns back, jump your feet together and jump again.

Repeat this exercise to exercise your thigh muscles.

  Third, one-leg jump keeps running, one leg takes turns to jump over the rope.

Jump as fast as possible after practice, so that you can effectively reduce the excess meat on your legs!