How do white-collar men in the office avoid getting fat?


How do white-collar men in the office avoid getting fat?

Office white-collar men are especially at risk of getting fat.

The reasons are as follows: 1.

Long-term sedentary office, lack of exercise due to work stress;

Depressed mood seeks comfort from food or alcohol; 3.

Weight and the stress you are subjected to will create a vicious circle: the average person is over-stressed under stress, and the indigestion causes overweight, so it is more susceptible to stress;

Some people think that “the heart is wide and fat,” and fat is a carefree performance.

From a psychological point of view, this argument is not unreasonable, which is one of the reasons why most men get married as soon as the balloon is blown up as quickly as they get married;

There are about 30 billion unfortunate cells in a man’s body, and these cells will heavier as they get older.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism all began to affect his abdomen.

銆€銆€Although men do not admire “bone beauty”, it is not a good thing to be blessed. At least you will very much hope that you can see your belt buckle without mirror.

Men are more likely to get fatter than women, and “beer belly” is the most headache for young men.

However, the beer belly is not sustainable. If you remove it, you will look better, you will be more abundant, and you will continue to live.

銆€銆€Losing weight is actually changing your exercise and eating habits.

Now, regardless of your work in the army, you still have a way to consume too much.

In fact, the opportunities for daily exercise are everywhere, and they are found to be consistent. The white-collar men’s uniform shape on the university campus will be lost.


Cycling, running, swimming, walking and other aerobic exercise are the most effective ways to consume the body’s transformation;

Don’t look for a parking space in a car-filled parking lot like a vulture looking for prey. Keep the car far away and you can enjoy walking.

Walk into the building, don’t take the elevator, climb upstairs yourself;

Take a break without hesitation, instead of going to coffee, Coke, because walking can make you clearer than any kind of drink.

銆€銆€It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you can speed up your heartbeat for at least 20 minutes.

Science has proved that weight loss is systemic, it is impossible to lose only part of it, while the other parts remain unchanged.

Therefore, weight loss can not be anxious.