39-year-old mother-level player vs. Asian Games Chusovykina: I did not announce his retirement _1

39-year-old mother-level player vs. Asian Games Chusovykina: I did not announce his retirement
The London Olympics was not yet Chusovykina’s curtain call.On the 22nd, at the age of 39, she also represented Uzbekistan at the gymnasium of the Asian Games in Incheon.After the Olympics, I didn’t announce my retirement at all, and Chusovykina said that she raised her tone.Chusovinkina (information picture) said that you have not recovered. I dare not know how many people are impressed. The infinite maternal love supports Chusovinkina to become a legend in the gymnastics arena.In order to seek medical treatment with her son suffering from leukemia, she changed her nationality to represent the German player, and challenged the limit under the title of mother-level player. She has participated in the 6 Olympic Games and 10 World Championships consecutively, and has gold and silver medals for the Olympic Games.Pieces.  On the 22nd Asian Games women’s team finals and individual qualifications, Chusovina’s name appeared in the list of all 4 events.However, she ended up only appearing in her strongest vaulting horse, currently only behind the North Korean star Hong Enzhen, and temporarily ranked second.  I sprained my foot during the platform training a few days before the game. When I warmed up in the warm-up hall today, I felt that my foot was not ready for the all-round competition, so in the end I decided to only take part in the vaulting, Chusovina saidHis expression was serious and his voice was low. Next month’s World Championships will also depend on the recovery of my foot injury. I hope I can participate in Almighty by then.  Why did he switch to the embrace of the motherland after the London Olympics? Chusovykina did not answer.Perhaps it was too much experience, and Chusovina was not very happy to face the media.After the game, she did not pass through the mixed area or even walked out of the stadium from other channels.However, when she saw the little girls of the Chinese team, she immediately smiled and took a group photo with everyone patiently.  In the gymnastics arena, the girls dress up beautifully and attractively, but Chusovina faces up to the sky, only shiny earrings and purple nails.However, after training with so many players who were younger than half of them, Chusovina expressed that she was not tired at all.  After the London Olympics, I never officially announced my retirement or told anyone that I was going to retire. Chusovykina said that I just quit and happened, let myself take a break, and then I re-entered training to see what would happen.  How is it going?Anyway, I’m here now to play, Chusovina said.Moreover, I performed well today.(Reporter Zhang Wei Xiexi)