5 Spring Sleep

5 Spring Sleep

After entering the spring, the body’s pores, sweat glands, and blood vessels begin to dilate after the high temperature rises, and the blood circulation of the skin also flourishes.

As a result, the blood supply to the brain will be relatively reduced.

As the weather warms, metabolism gradually becomes stronger, and oxygen consumption continues to increase, so the amount of oxygen supplied by the brain will inevitably be insufficient.

Coupled with the benign stimulus of heating temperature, the brain is subject to some kind of inhibition.

So people think of drowsiness and sleep, they always feel that they don’t sleep enough.

  There is an old saying that spring sleep is not known. Whenever early spring, there must be too many people who become particularly sleepy, and after waking up, their spirits are not good, which is called “spring sleepiness”.

  If you want to eliminate spring difficulties, you should pay attention to the following: First, go to bed early and get up early.

With good rest and sleep in spring, the human body can be adjusted and replenished, which can further improve the ability to withstand increased stress and reduce daytime sleepiness.

Sleepiness does not increase the blood supply to the brain, but it will cause people to be smarter, sleepier and sleepier, and sleepier and more lazy.

There is also a little bit that try not to stay up late in the spring, so as not to induce and aggravate spring sleepiness.

  The second is doing scalp exercises.

Sticking to scalp exercises in spring can eliminate brain drowsiness.

The method is: first, use your hands to naturally bend your fingers together, use your fingers to move forward from back to back, center from side to side, stroke the entire hairline 10 times more powerfully, and then use your ten fingers to force the little ones in order.Buried 3 times; then use the ten fingers to do a short distance back and forth to grab 3 times, each scratch area 5 times; finally, use the ten fingers to gently massage 5 times in the order.

Getting up early and doing it once a night before going to bed each day can withstand vigorous and quick thinking. It is a simple and effective way to eliminate brain fatigue and drowsiness.

  The third is visual stimulation.

Go out in the spring, look up, and take in the beautiful natural scenery, give yourself a good visual stimulation, and improve and eliminate spring difficulties.

  The fourth is dietary photography.

A scientific diet also has a positive effect on solving spring difficulties.

The spring diet should be light, fresh, easy to digest, green vegetables, hulubu, malantou, celery, pakchoi, coriander and other foods are the best choice.

Eat as little greasy meat as possible to stop the initial digestion and absorption; eat more onion, ginger, garlic and other spicy foods. They have the functions of removing dampness, avoiding turbidity, promoting blood circulation, and exciting the brain center.

At the same time, you can also use 30 grams of raw indica rice, 20 grams of lentils, 10 grams of Huai Yam for porridge, or 20 grams of kapok and 15 grams of sencha tea.

Adopting the above methods can improve the effect of eliminating spring difficulties.

  The fifth is the scientific brain.

Using the brain scientifically is to give the left hemisphere a proper rest.

The function of the brain has different left and right hemispheres.

In spring daily work, the left brain hemisphere is mainly responsible for language, mathematics, abstract thinking, etc. The replacement of the right brain hemisphere by mental workers is relatively easy.

Therefore, when the mind is not awake and the pain is bloating, you should put down the work at hand, listen to music and flowers, do gymnastics, let the right brain hemisphere get active and use, and the left brain hemisphere rest properly.

More importantly, exercise can make the brain that consumes the most oxygen in the body replenished and supplied in a timely manner, which is conducive to labor relief.

  The sixth is to brush your teeth and wash your face.

Brushing your teeth and washing your face is a variety of effective alternatives to eliminate springfall.

When drowsiness strikes, you can use toothpaste with aromatic smell to brush your mouth and rinse your face with cold water, which can refresh your mind.

  Spring is a beautiful season, and it is also the season when people are most sleepy. As long as some people know it correctly and take active and effective measures, they will overcome the troubles brought about by spring sleepiness and spend the spring sleepy season happily.