Autumn Tonic: Strengthening Resistance

Autumn Tonic: Strengthening Resistance

When the season is changed, it is the time when people have the weakest resistance. At this time, if they are not careful, they are very likely to get sick.

And autumn is the season of “Autumn Cricket”, which is to supplement the cold of the coming severe winter to maintain the internal balance of the body.

At this time, if you eat more foods that can enhance the body’s immunity and resistance, it will be of great benefit to the body.

  Vegetables: Many years ago, a medical journal published a compelling report on the relationship between diet and organisms’ response to X-rays.

The researchers replaced the tested guinea pigs with kale and beet substitutes and irradiated them with X-rays.

It was found that guinea pigs who consumed cabbage had reduced bleeding and mortality.

  Recent studies have found that some vegetables may contain anti-cancer substances, which have a protective effect on the human body.

Therefore, you should eat at least one of these vegetables every day: brussels sprouts, kale or broccoli, whether they are cooked or cold, will allow you to absorb organic matter.

  Wheat and barley: Various wheat and barley products have long been familiar.

These foods are all anti-cancer, prevent radiation damage to the human body, and prevent other diseases.

This statement may be overkill from a purely medical perspective, but there are patients who benefit from it.

  Garlic and onion: Our ancestors have long discovered that garlic and onion are therapeutic and refreshing.

Studies have shown that garlic and onions can indeed promote cell membrane flow and strengthen physical and immune systems.

Garlic has the function of lowering cholesterol, so the more garlic you eat, the lower the cholesterol in your body.

Garlic and onion also have antibacterial, anti-cancer and body endurance effects.

And you have to remember that eating garlic and onions every day will ensure our breathing is smooth.

  Seaweed: Seaweed is rich in protein, cellulose, vitamins and minerals, which can promote the flow of cell membranes.

And nori is rich in soluble fibronic acid, which can protect the human body from radiation damage.

Pepper: It can speed up the metabolism in the body, consume excess metabolism in the body, and promote blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body. Therefore, eating pepper can make you feel comfortable and full of energy.

  Fruit: Recent research indicates that strawberries, cherries, grapes and apples all contain anti-cancer substances-mixed with flower acid.

These fruits can prevent intravenous access to the human body to a certain extent, and are very suitable for patients with chronic fatigue.

  Ginger: Ginger can stimulate the body’s immune system, can relieve cough, reduce fever, alleviate pain, and can effectively suppress disease.

Ginger is a very good anti-toxic substance that can kill bacteria and mold. It is an effective food for treating cold and influenza.