Masks that shrink pores

Masks that shrink pores

I believe that everyone should know that women are very beauty-loving people, and if the skin care is not good, it is easy to cause pores to become larger. This will cause the skin to be particularly rough. So what methods can be used to shrink the pores?In this regard, I will introduce you to this aspect: First, the pore shrinkage mask 1, melon and pineapple mask: mix a small piece of green papaya and a small piece of pineapple (one face and one ingredient)Mud, then put the flour into the puree, stir well, apply it on the shell for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water, 1-3 times a week, can clear the aging skin of the skin, and can reduce pores.

  2, lemon egg white mask: break a raw egg, as long as the egg white, and then add 10ml of lemon juice to the egg white, stir well, apply on a clean surface, leave it for 15 minutes, wash with warm water, 1-3 times a week.
Can effectively tighten skin, shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.

  3. Carrot egg yolk mask: take an egg yolk and half a carrot, put it in the carrot, clean it and cut it into a juicer together with the egg yolk to make a mud. Then apply it on a wooden board for 20 minutes and wash it with water.Once or twice a week, you can shrink the retractable holes and soften the effect of aging cutin.

  4, tomato orange mask: Wash the tomatoes, remove the pedicles and cut in half.

Wash the oranges, remove the seeds and cut in half.

Put the tomatoes and oranges into the juicer and squeeze the juice.

Filter off the residue with a sterile filter cloth and save the juice for later use.

After cleansing, apply the juice to the face with clean absorbent cotton.

After about 25 minutes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Can effectively condense large pores, firm up facial skin and make skin fair.

  5, chestnut skin honey mask: mash the chestnut’s bladder into a powder, pour it into a mask bowl, add an appropriate amount of honey, and stir well together; after cleansing, apply the mask evenly on the skin of the face, after about 15 minutes, thenRinse with water.

Chestnut skin has the effect of shrinking pores and moisturizing the skin. When used with honey, it can refine and firm the skin.

  Second, the method of shrinking pores 1, banana + milk: mash the banana, add milk, and apply on a wooden board.

Wash after 20 minutes to make your skin smooth and smooth.

  2, egg white + honey: take an appropriate amount of egg white and honey, stir and apply to the serial port, long-term use can compress and shrink pores, and reduce the role of wrinkles.

  3, Turmeric powder + milk: Mix turmeric powder and milk and apply to both ends to remove sunburn and reduce moisture and hair.

  4. Oatmeal + cheese + tomato juice: Oatmeal, cheese and tomato juice are evenly spread on a wooden board, and washed with cold water after 20 minutes can help restore tanned skin and make the skin shiny.

  5, cucumber juice: cucumber juice is a great firming water.

Apply cucumber juice evenly on both ends to tighten pores.

After 15 minutes, rinse with water.

  6, ice cubes: Rubbing skin with ice cubes can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.

  The above are some of the homemade mask methods for shrinking pores and some other methods for shrinking pores.

I believe that everyone has already understood this after reading it.

Therefore, if you want to shrink your pores, don’t stop trying these methods, I believe it will help you.