Dry in autumn and winter, please reduce the number of face washing

Dry in autumn and winter, please reduce the number of face washing

It is best to reduce the number of times you wash your face.

hzh {display: none; }  秋冬的气候容易让人变得皮肤干燥紧绷,因此,为了避免脸上所分泌的油脂一点一滴的丧失,最好减少洗脸的次数,而各种皮肤每天洗脸The number of times is different. For dry skin, just wash the face with a cleansing milk only once, once for mixed skin, twice for oily skin, but not more than three times.

  As the temperature cools down, the amount of oil secreted by tuberculosis will decrease, especially for dry skin, which is originally a type of skin supplemented with oil. If you wash your face too many times, your skin will become drier. Therefore, when you get up and wash your face in the morning,As long as you wash it directly with water, you can wash your face with a cleanser at night because your face is dirty.

  People with oily skin are often shiny, so most people wash their faces several times a day, but in autumn and winter, the secretion of oil is not as much as in summer, and the frequency of washing your face should be reduced, otherwise the amount of oil will be lost.many.

  In addition, the water used for washing your face is best to use warm water. Because people often like to wash with hot water in winter, it will also cause the loss of oil and dry the skin easily.
  The right way to wash your face first is to talk about the temperature of your face.

Some people are too lazy to wash their faces with cold water if they are too lazy to get some hot water, while others have oily skin and wash their faces with very hot water.

In fact, the most suitable is to use warm water, not too cold nor too hot.

This can ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessive loss of the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

  When washing your face, no matter what kind of cleanser you use, don’t overdo it, and you don’t need to use that much.

Before applying it in the axial direction, foam the cleanser on the palm of your hand. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important.

Because if the cleanser does not foam enough, not only the cleaning effect will not be achieved, but it may remain in the pores and cause acne.

The more foam you have, the better, but don’t think that having a lot of foam is good, and fake inferior cleansing foam is also very rich.

  After applying the foam on the face, massage it gently in a clockwise direction in a gentle circular motion.

  When washing, some women are afraid that they will not be clean. After rinsing with water, they are desperately scrubbing with a towel. This delicate skin is really rough, so you still need to press on the body with a wet towel so as not toHarm to the skin.

  After washing, is it all done?

not yet!

Look in the mirror to see if there are residual facial cleansers around the hairline. This step is often overlooked by others. Often, some women have acne on their hairline because they have ignored this step.

  Finally, you can pat the face slightly with cold water, and then put it on the jacket with a towel dipped in cold water and apply it for a while to promote blood circulation in the face, which can shrink the pores.