Develop exercise good habits to effectively prevent snoring

Develop exercise good habits to effectively prevent snoring

Snoring affects the body, and many people say that snoring in their daily lives has caused them a lot of trouble.

Every day, in order not to affect family members, roommates, try to wait for other people to fall asleep and then sleep on their own, so that I feel that I don’t get enough sleep every day.

An otolaryngologist at the hospital said that snoring is generally caused by repeated inflammation of adenoids and tonsils that cause hyperplasia and hypertrophy, resulting in airway distortion. When the inhaled air hits the contracted mucosal edges or secretions on the mucosal surface,With the shock, the snoring we heard.

Symptoms of rhinitis, sinusitis, or worsening inflammation.

At the same time, growth hormone is generally produced during sleep. Snoring during sleep causes a decrease in growth hormone secretion in the body, and robes affect people’s growth and development.

It is worth mentioning that due to the inability to sleep deeply and insufficient growth hormone secretion, it can lead to growth, mental retardation, and easy to cause inattention during the day, weird personality, mental weakness, and decreased work efficiency.

In addition, prolonged nasal congestion and open mouth breathing can cause abnormal facial development.

Such as mouth protruding forward, teeth bite uneven, thick lips, upper lips upturned, expressions stupid.

Although it is a small situation, it affects people’s physical development.

The sleeping position on the right can prevent snoring. The doctor pointed out that the prevention of snoring is mainly in the following aspects: 1.

Enhance physical exercise and maintain good habits.


Tobacco and alcohol addiction should be avoided because smoking can cause increased respiratory symptoms, increased snoring due to alcohol consumption, nocturnal breathing disorders and hypoxemia.

Especially before bedtime.


For obese people, actively lose weight and reduce weight by strengthening exercise.

In addition, you can also take a sleeping position in the lateral position, especially in the right position, to prevent the tongue, soft palate, and uvula from falling when you sleep, and increase the upper airway obstruction.

A small ball can be slapped during sleep, which helps to maintain sleep in the lateral position.

These all help to improve sleep quality and help solve snoring problems.