[A yang finger for women to be immortal]

[A yang finger for women to be immortal]

Last weekend, I went out with my boyfriend.

When he started cleaning an old loudspeaker, I looked at him, the tiny glass tube was spinning in his hand, and he started tightening the screws a little bit.

His fingertips were swimming in those wires, and I felt a familiar warm feeling in my legs, and it was getting stronger.

It is these hands that have caused me to remember long ago.

It was the dark end of the endless corridor. I leaned on the pillar and was with that guy, and I felt an unexplainable tremor.

As I learn to enjoy this touch, men’s hands make me more and more happy.

Many women have felt this way.

But, terribly, we did not continue this feeling.

Men usually use their fingers for two reasons. One is to use their fingers for a short foreplay, and the other is to make our genitals more moist.

And we want more.

We hope that you are like a teenager who likes to explore. In different situations, you can use more than 10 methods such as rubbing, bending, rubbing, and touching.

Everything marvels at your fingers.