[How to make pine nut mandarin fish]_How to do_How to do

[How to make pine nut mandarin fish]_How to do_How to do

Mandarin fish is a marine fish. Supplementing protein can increase human resistance to the proteins that the body needs inside.

There are many ways of mandarin fish. You can add sauerkraut fish, boiled fish, etc. You can also add side dishes when making mandarin fish.

Mandarin fish and pine nuts are best made together.

Method 1 Ingredients: salmon, pine nuts, corn, green beans, tomato sauce, sugar, salt.

Method: 1. First, split the mandarin fish from the tail along the bone.

Separate the fish from the bones.

Both sides are split properly.

Then cut off the bone in the middle.

Then remove the small spines on the fish meat; 2. After the bone is removed, the mandarin fish has only two heads and two large pieces of meat.

Put half of the meat flat on a cutting board and change it diagonally. You can only cut it to the skin and then turn it around.

It looks exactly like a cross.

Have you ever seen a pork loin?

It’s the way to change the knife. If it doesn’t, it’s OK to chop the fish.

But don’t cut too deep.

So as not to fry the fish while frying; 3, the cooking wine is next.



Let the shallots drown for an hour.

Then dip the whole fish with dried dried flour.

Especially the gaps of fish must be covered with it.

Fry in oil pan; 4, the temperature of the oil is about 7-8 layers, that is, there is some black smoke on the oil.

The high oil temperature can crust the surface of the fish.

This won’t fry the fish inside.

And the surface is very brittle.

It is best to prepare two pots; 5, the other pot can be cooked at the same time.

pour oil.

Pour in tomato sauce[2].

A fish is probably half a bottle.

Put in sugar.

Put a small amount of salt.

Don’t put MSG or it will be difficult to eat.

Then put a little water in.

Then add corn and green beans.


Then tick.

Add some white vinegar at the end.

Just pull the fish out and pour on it.Method 2 Ingredients preparation: catfish, shrimp, winter bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms, peas, salt, garlic, cooking wine, balsamic vinegar, balsamic oil, starch, ketchup, lard, white sugar, coriander, broth. Step 1Cut it with a knife, cut it off at the head and chin, and use the knife to pat it slightly flat, and then use a knife to flatten the blade along the spine of the fish (the tail cannot be opened, broken), remove the fish head, ridge, and cutBreast, two pieces of fish (called fish leaves); 2, put the fish skin of the fish leaves down on the chopping board, slice the chest to stab, and then use the knife to draw evenly on the fish leaves, and then diagonally to the fish skin,Make the fish meat a diamond-shaped flower knife; 3. Put the ketchup, clear soup, sweet and sour wine, cooking wine, refined salt, water starch into a bowl, and prepare the juice for use.

Add the lard to the pan, and when it is 80% hot, lift the fish tail to the left and slowly add it to the pan, then fry the fish head in the pan, and use a spoon to pour the hot oil onto the fish tail to makeThe fish leaves are evenly heated, and they are removed when it is fried to pale yellow; 4. While the fish is fried, use another wok on a wok to heat, and put 60 grams of cooked lard.Colander; 5, leave a small amount of oil in the original wok, remove the parsley section after the oil heats out, and remove the minced garlic, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, peas, cook into the dough, add cooked lard (45 g), sesame oil,Shrimp stir fry and serve.