Eat carrots for health

Eat carrots for health

Stomach strengthening effect Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carrots have nutritional stomach strengthening effects and can be used to treat malnutrition.

Gastric ulcer patients often eat it is also beneficial.

Can be cooked, eat 1-2 per meal.

  Carrot puree and carrot water for treating infant diarrhea can be used for infant diarrhea.

When diarrhea is caused by improper babies, taking some carrot puree at the same time as taking medication can help the treatment.

The method is: Wash and chop the carrots, boil them with water, mash them into a paste, and add a small amount of water to cook the carrots.

Consumption depends on the baby’s appetite.

Do not add sugar when eating to avoid worsening diarrhea.

After feeding carrot puree, pay attention to observe the baby’s stool. If it has formed, you can gradually add rice soup to replace the carrot puree.

Frequently feeding baby with carrot water and carrot puree can prevent diarrhea.

  It can be used to treat pertussis and constipation in children. It can be used for treating pertussis and constipation in children.

  In addition, it should be noted that carrot is a fat-soluble substance that can only be dissolved in fats to be converted into vitamin A in the small intestine and absorbed by the body.

Therefore, raw carrots are not easily absorbed. After cooking with oil, the nutrients are more easily absorbed.

Do not peel when eating carrots. The skin contains a lot of nutrients.