Eating apples at night is a poison apple?

Dietitian: 4 elderly people’s health experience, in fact, no reason

Eating apples at night is a poison apple?
Dietitian: 4 elderly people’s health experience, in fact, no reason

In terms of diet, there will always be home elders to teach you some health experience, such as eating radish in summer and eating ginger in the summer, women can not be without sugar for a hundred days, etc. After that, they will be very proud to tell you that this is the Chinese for many years.It is certainly not wrong to accumulate the secrets of health care.

But the nutritionist in the Explosive Nutrition Class told everyone that there are really too many reasons for too many health slang.

1, women can not be 100 days without sugar: the reason why there is no such thing as blood, because for female friends, blood is very important.

Brown sugar has been mistaken by many people for a good blood food.

In fact, brown sugar is just a sugar that has not been refined, up to 96.

6% of the ingredients are sugars, the content of iron is very small, and the absorption rate is very low.

Therefore, relying on brown sugar to supplement blood is not reliable.

At the same time, in today’s age, there is a problem of excess energy in both boys and women.

So whether it is brown sugar or white sugar, it is best to eat less.

2, winter eat radish summer ginger: the age is not the same full version of this sentence should be: winter eat radish summer ginger, do not need a doctor to prescribe.

But in fact, why did you always say that you want to eat radish in winter? The most important thing is that in the previous winter, it was restricted by conditions. Except for radish, there is really no other vegetable to eat.

Just like eating ginger in the summer, although ginger does contain some special enzymes and substitute oils, their health effects are not obvious. The most important thing is that eating ginger has nothing to do with the season.

In general, if you really like ginger and radish, you can eat it all year round.

However, don’t think about relying on them to prevent diseases, it is completely nonsense.

3, the apples eaten at night are poisonous apples: Eat fruits at any time. I believe that everyone will often hear them from an early age. The reason is also convinced by many people: things that are eaten at night will stay in the stomach, and the stomach will not exercise.Things are hard to digest, so it is equivalent to accumulating “toxins.”

However, the dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class clearly told everyone that this statement is completely nonsense.

As long as people eat, the digestive system will begin to function, and the digestive and absorptive functions of human beings are not limited by our working hours.

For our chronics, the impact of eating time on them is very small.

Whenever you eat an apple, the organ will start to work when you eat it. As long as your digestive system is healthy, you can make the most of it.

4, soup before meals, slim and healthy: the choice of soup is not for too many people in order to lose weight, they will choose to drink bowls of soup before meals, this really makes sense.

Drink some soup 20-30 minutes before meals, the stomach is filled with a part, and the food intake of the meal will naturally decrease.

But everyone often overlooks a problem, that is, this soup refers to low-concentration soup, such as broth, porridge soup, if it is trotters soup or cream soup, it will only make you drink more and more fat.

Dear friends, do you think the above 4 health experiences are correct?

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