8 skincare tips that stay beautiful without spending money

8 skincare tips that stay beautiful without spending money

There are price mottos in life, and there are skin care. Some people have used skin care habits for many years, which may not be the right way to be beautiful.

The eight guidelines for skin care are the crystallization of the experience of experts; believers, skin is saved, and beautiful skin is immortal.

  Everyone is doing skin care courses every day, but many people have three days to catch fish and two days to dry the net. They do not have their own skin care principles.

Skin care doctors tell us seriously that skin care must follow some classic principles, such as the following eight skin care guidelines are the result of years of wisdom of experts!

  POINT1: The most suitable temperature for washing your face is to keep the meat quality and noodles in the lukewarm water cooking program at 38-40 ℃, often using the “chilled” trick, but it is not feasible to make live and delicate skin.

The compactness brought by cold water washing for at least 30 minutes, and the sudden cooling stimulus turned into facial flushing, which caused microvascular dilatation and thickening in the long term.

  Tip: This one is easier said than done, but it is not so simple.

Girls should keep in mind that this water temperature is maintained all year round. It is not necessary to use cold water in summer, and it does not exceed this water temperature in winter.

  POINT2: The cotton pad that is saturated with water is hard and hard to stop using it to slap the skin. The cotton pad that has absorbed water will become thin and hard. Use it to pat your face, just like tapping a thin bamboo sheet on your jacket.

It is especially irritating to the cheekbones, because the bones are under the skin, and the microvasculature is re-expanded for a long time.

To use the lotion correctly, you can choose a wet compress or lightly block with a cotton pad.

  Tips: More and more MM make-up cotton pads are our good helpers, but many people often use the wrong method to get twice the result with half the effort. Here we will remember this point with everyone.

  POINT3: Ultra-high UV in Asia, sun protection!

Sun protection!
Sun protection!
  Studies have pointed out that the amount of ultraviolet rays in Asia is three times that in Europe; the “sunlight” aging caused by ultraviolet rays will not only make the skin oxidized to become dry and dull, but also cause collagen to be lost.

When sun protection, do not pursue the SPF coefficient blindly, UVA that penetrates the dermis is the real culprit. Please also pay attention to the “PA” (Japanese products) or “PPD” (European products) indexes that can protect against UVA.

  Tips: This is the first time that I have heard that the ultraviolet rays in Asia far exceed those in Europe. No wonder the foreign beans are so white.

But we are also discouraged, insisting on choosing the right index for sun protection will not be dark!

  POINT4: Don’t let the spots appear, just rely on whitening and maintenance to prevent some things. God is fair, and the skin is bound to be good. Long spots can’t be avoided by everyone.

For prevention, daily use of whitening and maintenance can indeed delay the formation of new spots.

Remember, the effectiveness is related to the “concentration of ingredients”. Japanese products are usually labeled as “medicine” at a certain concentration. If they are European and American products, it is not necessary to read the product label or ask BA.

  Tips: When you are young, you are afraid of acne.

Although it is said that acne-prone skin is not prone to spots, it is not enough to pay attention.

From now on insist on white beauty class every morning, kill the spots in the bud?
POINT5: Makeup remover is not rubbing for too long in the face, 40 seconds is just no matter what kind of dosage form, in order to emulsify, the makeup remover contains “surfactant”, it is like a star suction method, the key to maintaining skin moistureDissolution of “keratinocyte lipid”.

40 seconds is enough to bring out the dirty makeup and rub it for too long, which is like washing your face directly with dishwashing detergent, and you can imagine how dry your skin is.

  Tip: 40 seconds is a number calculated scientifically by a dermatologist. Everyone must ensure that it is completed in advance.

If you are not sure about the time, sing a few rhymes to ensure that the time is just right.

  Point 6: Push your fingertips gently without pulling the skin. Excessive massage pulls the skin into a “fiber dense net” composed of collagen and elastin. Imagine it becomes an “elastic band” built into the skin. The tension caused by excessive massage will accelerate the tightnessSlack of the belt.
However, it is not necessary to completely abandon massage. Moderate massage can activate the transfer of nutrients from blood vessels to the skin.

When massaging, the magnetic field must have a layer of “additives” (essence or cream), and you can gently slide your fingertips with your middle finger + ring finger.

  Tips: Massage is still massage. The function of massage is like interaction. The nutrients you eat need to help digestion to be better absorbed!

  POINT7: Helps the skin to function normally. Anti-ageing in its early 20s is not too early. Some people worry that anti-aging products in the early 20s are too moisturizing and nourish the skin’s appetite. In fact, worry about it. Anti-aging products can help the skin return to normal functions.

Xiaobian’s friend A, whose skin is so horrifying, she is in her early 20s holding a bottle of anti-aging serum, and it will last 12 years.

For oily skin, choosing a lighter serum does not cause a burden on the skin.

  Tips: It is never too early to fight aging, because we are aging all the time.

Choose the right product and take care of it starting today.
  POINT8: Sleep cannot be advanced or recovered. There is enough sleep for 6 hours a day without a meal. There is no big hindrance. Nutrients inside the body can be stored, but if one night is not asleep, fatigue will definitely be exposed the next day because sleep cannot be “placed””Sleep sleep” is actually not coming back.
After we sleep for 3 hours, the body will secrete “growth hormones”. It takes about 6 hours to regenerate the body and skin in one day. It is recommended to go to bed before 12:30 to meet the “day and night rhythm” of the body and the sun.Smooth regeneration.

  Tips: I firmly believe that beauty comes out of sleep. It takes time to absorb in good skin care products, and the entire metabolism of the human body runs harmoniously during sleep. Isn’t it time to be a sleeping beauty?