2016ATP year-end finals Wawrinka vs Nishikori match live video recording_1

2016 ATP year-end finals Wawrinka vs Nishikori live video recording
On November 14th, Beijing time, the 2016 Barclays year-end finals began the first round of the McEnroe group stage.U.S. Open champion Wawrinka broke through the least deteriorating state and lost 2-6, 3-6 after a fierce battle with Nishikori. The appearance in the fiercely competitive McEnroe group also became severe.Nishikori paid tribute to the audience. Wawrinka and Nishikori had six encounters in the past. The Swiss only led by 4 wins and 2 losses. In the latest encounter, he also completed a beautiful reversal in the US Open semifinals, andFinally won the championship.However, after the US Open, Wawrinka’s condition fluctuated significantly, and the warm-up performance before the finals was also unsatisfactory, which also cast a shadow on his trip to London.  After the start of the game, Wawrinka performed slowly, and resolved the two break points in the first game before it was difficult to maintain the hair.On the other hand, Nishikori was active and evened the score after winning the serve.The two initially protected each other again, and the score continued to stay flat at 2-2.The Swiss’s success rate in the fifth game dropped, and Nishikori seized the opportunity to expand the offensive potential, and made a break after a strong attack in front of the net.Then broke through the outer corner and served directly to compete, the Japanese guy pulled the score 4-2.Moran frustrated Wawrinka made consecutive low-level mistakes and once again gave up the serve after a double-served mistake.In the face of opponents who were misaligned, Nishikori did not show any weakness, and after winning four straight goals and winning the set, he took the lead with 6-2.  Wawrinka took the lead in the second set and had a good start.However, Nishikori remained stable, scoring a 1-1 draw after scoring a baseline attack.The two sides secured their own, and Asian Brother took the lead in overcoming opponents’ mistakes after recovering two points in the fifth inning.Then Love Game was strongly sent out, and Nishikori reset the lead of 4-2.Wawrinka Bao, who reduced turnovers, stabilized his position, but Nishikori showed no ups and downs and continued to lead 5-3 after winning the serve.The Swiss mentality changed before the pressure of non-guaranteed pressure. After a baseline shot out of bounds, he eventually lost 3-6, and Nishikori succeeded in winning the game.Wawrinka’s sluggish state suffered severely and swept Nishikori to take the finals