10 things to learn to be a beautiful woman

10 things to learn to be a beautiful woman

First, the lover is the lover, just love, do n’t compare it, do n’t always talk about how the husband of others is good, do n’t count yourself, he is not prosperous, you are his closest lover, you still say that, thisIt seems like it shouldn’t be too much. For most men, attaching importance to and encouraging them is more powerful than insulting.

Not to mention, love him and hurt him?

You must respect him when you love him, and you ca n’t hurt him by saying words, sometimes the wounds of your words are bleeding all your life.

Physical injuries are easy to heal, but mental injuries are terrible.

  Second, you can’t ask each other whether they love you or how much they love you.

Let him promise you.

If he loves you sincerely, you don’t need to ask him about whether he loves you or not; if he doesn’t love you, why would he still be with you.

He is good at your husband and you should trust him.

Believe in what he does and do.

Unless he doesn’t want to marry you.

His love for you can be tasted with his heart.

Love is made by action, not by words.

The old ca n’t get the actual love on the lips too weak and weak, life is real, a loveless love is not real life.

Marriage can only be played out and realized from true love.

  Third, don’t show your face to each other, an angry woman is ugly.

He has been under a lot of work pressure, and he is not obliged to go home and depends on your complexion to make you happy.

There will be shortcomings in the character of the other party, and the details of life will be different from you, which will make you dissatisfied, but how can he be perfect. In front of you, he has to put down his mask, be himself, and be an ordinary person.

Tolerance is the attitude to be a man and to marriage.

Tolerate and considerate of each other.

  Fourth, a man values his dignity more than anything, no matter how much he loves you in private and how afraid he is.

In front of people, we must give the opposite party, so that he is not afraid of the world, not afraid of the man, and he is also not afraid of his wife’s standing man. He should not like friends to make fun of him and make fun of him.

Unless he has enough strong backing and high status, but most of us are ordinary people.

  Fifth, men mostly like bragging. Don’t step on his little trick. They can give themselves a little strength, find a little self-confidence, and continue the struggle under the journey of life.

Does the virtual sense of accomplishment make him feel bad?

No one likes nothing.

With your wife, *** is the indulgence of the body, and the personality is the indulgence of the mind. As long as the lover gets happy, it is not good to pretend to be silly and fit him.

  Six, all men like beautiful women in their bones. When you see a beautiful woman, she can’t stand still or look back. You don’t think he doesn’t love you, don’t think he’s lustful.

What’s more, everyone who loves beauty knows it.

Haven’t you peeked at the handsome guy?

  Seven, do not be too vanity, not too utilitarian, the material pursuit is endless, you live yourself, not live for others to see, only you know the shoes fit or not fit, the most important thing is comfort, the other is decoration, yesdummy.

Moreover, as the saying goes: Qian Jin is easy to get, and lovers are hard to find.

True love is priceless, and love is priceless.

  Eighth, why do men like gentle women? Because they are very fragile and not as strong as they are. They need the tenderness of their wives to be soft, soft to the touch, and tender to love.

I want you to have the appearance and temperament of gentle Yarulan, the voice of exhaling Rulan, and the eye waves with affection. They can easily turn steelmaking into soft fingers. Wen Rui’an has a book called “A gentle knife”Gentle, can kill a man, for men, that is a fatal temptation.

  Nine, family is always the first. Of course we must be responsible for work, have professional ethics, and have fun from work, but do not be slaves of work, we work to be happier with family, enjoy life, enjoyLife is important.

  X. The lover ‘s parents are their own parents. They compare their hearts to each other. They love the house and the house, the old man and the old man.Of this heart.

What’s more, when people are old, they are like children.

We have an old day ourselves.