Detox Yoga Queen inverted upside down

Detox Yoga Queen inverted upside down

Body effect 1 makes fresh blood flow on the face, keeps the head awake, and improves concentration.

It has the effect of beauty and fine lines elimination2, promotes blood circulation, thins the calf and waist, relieves venous tumors3, induces irritation, relieves constipation and menstrual pain, etc., expels toxins from the body4, stimulates the thyroid, and promotes the spiritual effects of metabolism in the body—- Relieve the tension of the shoulders and fractures, relieve the tension. Inverted and disease-free. Since the beginning of human upright life, the effects of gravity are often hindered, low back pain, indigestion, circulation disorders and other damage.

Therefore, handstand is considered a method of extending life both in East and West.

The Yoga Classic also believes that performing a handstand or inverted handstand for 3 hours a day can become all diseases and even fatal.

Especially the upside down, which has a significant effect on women’s health. This posture is called the queen posture in yoga, just like its name, it is very good for health.