[Dangers of one year old baby eating pepper]_kids_affect

[Dangers of one year old baby eating pepper]_kids_affect

People in Sichuan region like to eat chili peppers, mainly because Sichuan region belongs to the basin. The humidity in the air in the area is relatively high. Eating more chili peppers can help people to eliminate excessive moisture in their bodies.

Some parents exercise their babies to eat peppers when their babies are very young. The harm of eating peppers for a one-year-old baby is not great, as long as the amount of peppers consumed is not harmful to the baby’s body.

In fact, the situation of eating chili should be considered according to people’s geographical environment, especially for those children who are growing in the cold environment, they should consider the habit of snacking chili, so as to help children avoid cold and cold.occur.

During the growth of a child, eating some peppers properly may even cause digestion of the stomach and intestines, which is more conducive to the maturity of the intestines and stomachs, especially when the child is getting older. Eating peppers will also be beneficial to the body’s immune system, but peppers alsoNot able to eat casually, parents should grasp this amount.

I think many parents understand that eating pepper is easy to get angry, and often eating pepper will also affect the endocrine of the body, especially in children’s puberty, it is best not to give children pepper.

Because adolescent hypertension is strong and the body’s endocrine is fast. If you eat pepper, it will accelerate the rapid secretion of endocrine. This will cause oil to clog pores and cause the replacement of acne. In order to avoid this, we should try to reduce the number of children.The habit of eating peppers at this stage.

Of course, it can’t be completely prevented. If the child really likes to eat, it can be determined according to the situation, but he must not let the child eat too much.

Occasionally giving your child some peppers is good for the body. We have also made a detailed understanding of the above, but regular eating is not a bad habit, especially for younger children.Weakness, for irritating food, will affect the child’s digestive ability. At present, younger children should eat some light food.