[How to clean fresh crabs_How to clean crabs]

[How to clean fresh crabs_How to clean crabs]

Many people in life especially like crabs, but some people say that if they eat crabs, they will feel particularly tooth decay, and they are easily scratched by crab’s crab claws when cleaning crabs.One thing, and it is more troublesome to clean the fresh crabs. You need to master some cleaning tips to clean them, so how can fresh crabs be cleaned?

First, soak in fresh brine.

After buying the crabs, rinse the dirt on the body surface, and then soak and stir in the salt water. The concentration of the salt water should taste slightly salty.

The purpose of soaking the crab with fresh salt water is to let it spit out the dirty things in the stomach, so change the water several times during the soaking until the water from the crab becomes clear.

How and how to wash crabs at home, how to wash the crabs clean, scrub the crabs.

When the water from the crab is no longer cloudy, you can start scrubbing. This step requires guts and certain skills. Pay attention to prevent your fingers from being caught by the crab’s crab claws.

You can use your thumb and middle finger to pinch the left and right ends of the crab with the crab shell facing upward.

Practice has proved that this grasping method is the safest and will never be caught.

After grabbing the crab and holding it under the faucet, open a thin stream of water, and then you can wash the crab with a toothbrush and rinse.

Use hard brushes, especially crab hair, because crab hair is the dirtiest.

The specific steps and methods for scrubbing crabs are like this — 1.
Brush the crab’s body parts, tip, belly and mouth first, then brush the feet and roots of the forceps.

2. Next, you need to clean the belly cover. This step is very important because there are many dirty things in the belly cover and the excrement of crabs.

Before cleaning the abdominal cover, you must hold the crab’s double forceps firmly to prevent it from being caught.

Then you can open the abdominal cover, squeeze out the excrement in it first, then brush off the dirt in the abdominal cover, and finally clean up the crab claws.

Brush the crabs and throw them into the clear water basin, and then rinse them together to make dishes.

The methods and steps for washing crabs in the family are actually so simple, but for the less courageous, this can be considered an impossible task.

In order to take care of the timid friends, let ‘s talk about the family’s crab washing method for timid friends——1. Liquor drunk crab method: Put the crab in a pot and pour an appropriate amount of water, and then add a small amount of white wine to mix it.Crabs will become drunk and coma when they drink water containing liquor, and you will not be able to pinch people as much as you like.

If you are still not so relieved, you can take out the drunk crabs and stun them with the back of a spatula. Then you can be sure what you want to do.

2. Warm water hot crab method: add crab crab belly upwards to warm water at about 45 degrees, and when it is turned over, it will be scalded by warm water. You can rest assured that it will be washed by hand without fear of being caught in your hands.It will not affect the delicious taste of crabs.

The most important thing to pay attention to in this method is to control the water temperature. The water temperature is too low to achieve the effect of scalding crabs, while the water temperature is too high to make the crabs step on it.

During the specific operation, you can use your hand to test the temperature. If you feel a little hot but not hot when you put your hands in, the temperature is just about 45 degrees.

Key points for crab washing: Be sure to scrub hard, and there should be no omissions in the corners.

Reminder: washed crabs should be cooked again as soon as possible, because after the above-mentioned toss, the crabs have become half dead, and it is easy to die. It is not good to eat them after they die.