Make stories a great helper for your children

Make stories a great helper for your children

Case: After-dinner hygiene in class has always been a headache for teacher Tang.

Some children always have rice grains falling to the floor, table or body when they eat. After a while, the child turned the dish over, and then the child sprinkled the food. No matter how hard Mr. Tang said, the effect was not obvious.

Well this time, I will forget it next time.

  However, the situation has improved a lot in the last few days. After the meal, the tabletop is basically clean, and the rice grains on the ground have been picked up cleanly. What is going on?

It turned out that while the children were having dinner, Mr. Tang told them a story about “The Little Monkey Treats”.

After speaking, Mr. Tang raised the topic question: “Why don’t little monkeys like little mice to be guests?

“The children all claimed the same thing:” Because the little mouse is too dirty, it doesn’t talk about hygiene, and it turns the table and the floor.

“Does the teacher like it?”

“At this time, some children began to look down at their feet, and some began to pick up the rice grains. Even a few children who had been eating dirty were busy packing.

After that, after eating every day, the children always cleaned and moved out of the small chairs to rest.

  This case tells us that stories play an important role in the education of young children.

For parents, stories are also a good helper for educating children!

  Education experts believe that teachers and parents should learn more about story teaching.

Teachers need to use their brains and adopt a variety of teaching methods to arouse the enthusiasm of children’s learning, penetrate the story into all teaching, use vivid storyline to attract children, and use the extended part of the story to educate children.

The charm of story teaching is endless!