Newborn baby skin care taboo these things

Newborn baby skin care taboo these things

Many parents say that baby’s skin is difficult to care for.

Yes, the newborn’s skin is very delicate. Although it is a protective barrier against external infections, it is susceptible to sweat, urine, milk, and dust in the air, and erosion occurs. Therefore, in addition to frequently giving newbornsTaking a bath keeps the skin clean and reduces the chance of infection.

Also pay attention to a few points: Avoid using the ointment freely. The newborn’s skin is thin, the blood vessels are rich, and it has the ability to absorb and absorb.

Therefore, do not use ointments for newborns, especially those containing hormones. When they must be used, they should be replaced after the condition has eased, and they must not be used for a long time.

When bathing a newborn, use irritating baby soap, neutral soap, and adult soap or medicinal soap.

Do not tear off the sweat glands on the skin of the newborn skin. The secretion of sebaceous glands is restored. Sebum is easy to overlap. It is more common at the top of the head (at the frontal cardia), the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, the external ear canal, and the root of the back of the ear.It will form a thick layer of skin with the dust in the air and the debris on the skin.

Therefore, when cleaning, you can use vegetable oil to rub on the scalp skin, soak and soften, and then clear and clean with water. Never peel the scalp skin by hand to avoid damaging the skin.

Last addition: the newborn’s skin is delicate, the skin’s stratum corneum is thin, the skin lacks elasticity, and its ability to defend against external forces is poor. When it is exposed to slight external forces, it will be damaged, and it will be easily infected after skin damage. Therefore, the newborn’s clothing, Shoes and socks must be appropriate to avoid all factors that may harm the skin.

Apply baby lotion after bath to reduce surface friction.