How to face a woman’s fall from grace after marriage-

How does a woman fall out of favor after marriage?

Some women let their boyfriend pamper themselves when they are in love. After marriage, they still want their husband to pamper themselves, but forget to do what a woman should do.

Such women do not know how to love.

  There are too many beautiful women who have received solemn promises from their husbands before marriage, but the shift in time after entering the marriage life, these progressively beautiful wives have a sense of loss that their husbands have ignored.

Those beautiful promises are long gone.

So they have now triggered a participant: these men are all liars and hypocrites.

  Social psychologists have discovered that the various qualities of human beings are different in the nature of their impressions, and those qualities that have a great influence become the core qualities.

If you use a few adjectives to describe a person: sincere, hard-working, enthusiastic, intelligent, hard-working, cautious, everyone may form a good impression on this.

But if you replace “sincerity” with “hypocrisy” and leave the others unchanged, everyone will become a bad impression of this person.

  And “beautiful” is exactly the “core quality” in a person, especially a woman.

Although this woman is wayward, stubborn, emotional, sensitive and suspicious, she won’t be smart enough to do housework, but as long as she is contaminated with the word “pretty”, it is nothing, and it can even become a lovely and lovely advantage.

This is the halo effect of the word “beautiful”, which can be described as “a man covering all ugliness.”

No wonder Tolstoy said: “Beauty is a length of yarn, and she is often used to cover many shortcomings.”

  However, the beauty after marriage cannot be “permanent”. One thing: even if you look beautiful as a husband for too long, the utility will diminish.

This is a sad trend, and it depends on thousands of styles to replace it.

The other is that the husband will eventually “adapt” to the beauty of his wife, that is, “the more beautiful people do not feel the beauty after seeing more.”

In family life, all the shortcomings of these beautiful women who have been concealed by “beautiful” will gradually show up, which is ignored by the husband who is pursuing your beauty before marriage.

A man with a beautiful wife once lamented: “What’s the use of a pretty face?

Can pretty face make rice?

“Hehe, I don’t think he will have this” deep “understanding before marriage.

So I can’t complain that men are “changing their hearts”, only that men become “realistic” after marriage.

  It can be seen that you should be mentally prepared to change your role from “beautiful beauty” to “wife who bears family responsibilities.”

Someone once said that husband and wife must be good at “operating” their marriage.

From the practical point of view, “management” here means that both the husband and wife must start from their roles and assume their responsibilities in the family.

  Marriage is a family activity that requires long-term commitment and mutual support, and in the sense of survival, they are the same on a desert island.

You are now on this so-called “desolate island”-at this time, what you need to do most is not to let your husband watch you every day to appreciate your beauty.

On the “Desert Island”, survival and daily life are the most important and urgent tasks.

If you can make up for your husband, you not only need your beauty, but also your support and help-that is, take on the wife’s responsibility, face the problems in life with him, and do all kinds of housework.

  From this point of view, I hope that you should change your mind, change roles, and be a hard-working wife who can take on family responsibilities, instead of waiting for him, always thinking of the favored princess.