Summer fields, a windmill quickly turning the car to the gurgling stream flow of rice fields not far.Those seedlings edge happily drinking, while merrily danced to.Windmill patted creek: “See it?If I had the car to the water, so they drink enough to eat and drink, they can jump so happy you?”” Man, you’re wrong.”Creek arrogance of a windmill, slowly authentic,” That’s not your credit.”Windmill apparently angered the creek arrogance:” Is your credit?”Creek smiling:” Oh, that’s right.You want, if not me, you twirled faster, they can only Hexibeifeng.”Creek seems to think that is wrong, immediately corrected himself and said:” Oh, yes southeast wind.”They heard the seedlings dispute, smiled and said:” You both are indispensable, our happy life is the result of joint efforts of the two of you.”Windmill listened nonchalantly, shook body frame.Creek wanted to laugh, but his face wrinkles Biechu a Road.Talia seedlings do not believe it’s a pack of lies, obviously his credit, has chosen to come half-hearted, to a credit bisects.A few days later, there is some fault windmill.Small touches are still flowing stream, but also the height of the seedlings collusion not a drop of water on the already dry lips Shezao.A few days later, the owner repaired windmills, but can be broken creek water.Windmill enough to make all the stops, just turn up the sound of the wind, there is no shadow of a little bit of water.Under the scorching sun, the fields out of a Road split the gap, the seedlings gradually become yellow.No dance, surrounded by silence, vibrant scene seemed to have disappeared without a trace.Finally one day, again upstream creek water, a windmill and a bubbling brook car.Seedlings looked hearty drink, and slowly restored to its former look, Talia finally understand, share the joy of success behind, who can do without.Behind the success is certainly not an individual’s credit, it must be with pay and efforts of various people.Easily negate a person’s credit is not only very hurtful & very chilling.If our children do one thing a success must not think it is your own a person’s credit oh.