See story network updated fable “first to show off their various plants,” Welcome.In a dense forest, a variety of plant and animal life are here.But today there is very lively, the original being held here elected a new leader of the Assembly plant it.On a protruding rock, first to show off their various plants.The first appearance of pine brother, saw his impassioned said: “I am of you who do not know how much, in the cold of winter, your hair all out, and I do, still its spring body intact.”At this time, soft voice sounded behind him:” Why would you be able to round spring, we can.”Pine surprised, turned, and saw that it is a plum sister and her newfound friends this year – bamboo brother to attend the General Assembly elected.While the bamboo get his unique hairstyle aside and said: “If on the leader, you do not qualify.”This is a giant sequoias, said:” Here, on the strong, on the tall, strong and I are here, the strong dominate the weak, which is the same age laws.So, I am the most qualified leader most.”Between saying that knotted said;” Do not argue, in fact, you have their own merits, as long as can make good use of this expertise, we can help others, as well, you must learn humility, otherwise, you will always be spent in this strife.”At this time, the forest and bustle, this is not recommended own, but others recommend.Story sentiment: Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, if we can play to their strengths, and more to help others, and that the advantage is even more meaningful.As the saying goes: “people with convenient, and has easy,” humility only allows you to get other people’s respect and gratitude, but also let you have more close friends, when you encounter difficulties, they will extend selfless a helping hand, this is the biggest reward for your humility others.And a selfish person is never taste pleasure to help others, he can only loner, no close friends and his boat, such a person is not very sad and very poor?As the saying goes: take a step backward.Others can be patient unreasonable move, it is a commendable spirit.