7 misunderstandings of beauty salon consumption


7 misunderstandings of beauty salon consumption

1. Too expensive brands are only suitable for middle-aged people, so I can use cheap ones at such a young age.

  Professional interpretation: “Too expensive brands are only suitable for middle-aged people. I am so young and cheap.

“There are so many young people with this idea.

is it really like this?

In fact, high-quality professional products will only benefit the skin, and will not cause skin tolerance.

Besides, how can the price be directly proportional to age?

It is recommended that when you shop at a beauty salon, you should choose products according to the specific conditions of your skin, not the price.

As young as you can choose higher price and good quality products.

  2. I’m not old yet, I’m only 31 years old.

I went to wash my face today. The beautician suggested that I use anti-wrinkle products.

  Professional interpretation: Even if the 30-year-old age is a glamorous stage, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, irregular lifestyle habits will often cause the skin condition to plummet and accelerate the pace of aging.

Moreover, you must not conceal your age and self-assertion in front of a beautician.

Beauticians will formulate a skin improvement plan based on the skin condition of consumers.

Young people under the age of 30 are better at self-repair. When consuming in the beauty salon, choose moisturizing, hydrating, and whitening.

However, if you are over 30 years old, especially those over 35 years old, you should pay special attention to maintenance and use some anti-wrinkle products gradually to help the skin delay the aging step.

  3. When professionally washing your face, ask the beautician to extend the massage time.

  Professional Interpretation: Is it true that the longer the massage time is, the better?

How long is appropriate?

Senior beautician Teng Xu told reporters that the massage when washing the face is performed in two times, each time is not constant.

Because the epidermal layer of the skin is basically oil, dust, etc., it is not necessary to wash and massage for too long, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the skin.

To be precise, if it is oily skin, because of the strong secretion of oil, the massage time is required to be longer, 5 minutes each time is sufficient.

Allergic skin is very fragile, so the massage time should be 3 minutes.

If it is severe acne-like skin, because there is a wound, then 1?
It can be done in 2 minutes, and the force should not be too strong, so as not to cause damage to the skin.

  4. The beauty effect will be greatly reduced when chatting during beauty.

  Professional interpretation: Some people think that the best way for customers to relax during beauty care is to go to a half-sleep state, so that the skin can fully absorb the nutrients in the product.Absorption is greatly discounted.

Teng Xu holds different opinions on this statement.

She doesn’t think that chatting will make the beauty effect much worse.

She said that in the care of beauty salons, many customers will have some conversations with beauticians, and this conversation can make beauty customers reach a certain degree of excitement, thereby achieving endocrine and promoting absorption.

Among them, because the beauty salon is a “harbour” for customers to relax and rest, they also need a moderate rest.

Therefore, beauticians with relatively high quality will master a certain degree and adjust the beauty customers from the external and internal aspects.

  5. I am currently treating pores in a beauty salon.

After doing each time, you will find obvious results, but go back for a few days without coming to the pores.

I spent the money, but the effect was not great. I was so angry that I wanted to complain.

  Professional interpretation: To reduce the large pores, this is the desire of many beauty customers.

But why do I notice the obvious results after pore shrinkage treatment in a beauty salon, and then I go back without doing it for a few days?

Actually, this can’t be complained about in the beauty salon.

Zhang Haili revealed that pore contraction has always been a difficult point in the beauty industry.
Furthermore, there are many reasons for the large pores.
First, the ends of capillary pores can cause pore enlargement.

Second, loose skin can cause enlarged pores.

Third, do not insist on beauty salon care.

In addition, bad habits such as smoking can also accelerate the enlargement of pores.

Therefore, in order to improve the current situation of large pores, the first is to adhere to the beauty salon care, not “three days to catch fish and two days to dry the net”, otherwise, the improvement of pores will not help.

  6. The longer you apply the mask, the better.

  Professional interpretation: the longer the mask is, the better?

Teng Xu told reporters that the application time of different masks is different. In the application process, usually only 30% of the nutrients are absorbed.

Over time, it will only increase the burden on the skin and make the skin more and more sensitive.

Generally, the average facial mask application time is 25 to 30 minutes.

And the application time of some specific masks is 5?
Between 10 minutes.

In these specific masks, how long does it take to apply oily skin?
10 minutes, 3 for sensitive skin
5 minutes.

For customers with thick stratum corneum, the application time can be relatively extended.

The application time of some traditional Chinese medicine masks will be relatively long, at 40?
For 50 minutes, it will be absorbed by the skin.

     7. The beauty salon I signed is almost deceiving. I want to get rid of the spots in six or seven days, but she can’t do it. I have to talk to the beauty salon.

  Professional interpretation: Freckles are closely related to endocrine and family history.

In newspapers, the common “three-day whitening and five-day freckle” is not scientific in itself.

At present, beauty salons can only do light spots, not complete freckle.

If it is said that it can really freckle in three or five days, this is because the mercury content in the product exceeds the standard.

Freckle removal products with excessive mercury levels are effective immediately after use. The skin looks like it has been changed, but after a few months, it will gradually become red, swollen, yellow and black after a few years.

Mercury is deposited in bones and blood, causing chronic heavy metal poisoning.

So now many responsible beauty salons advocate safe and effective health treatments.

The most effective method of blemishing is to combine internal adjustment and external maintenance between the traditional Chinese medicine department and the beauty salon.