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Fruit Rot Eye Cream Natural Safe Good Choice

Sometimes when I do n’t sleep well, I wake up in the morning and feel that my eyes are a little swollen and there will be dark circles. This is not what I want.

Every MM who loves beauty will want to have two hydrating eyes, so that the usual eye care is indispensable.

Here are some good eye cream products with fruit ingredients.

  Face shop chamomile moisturizing eye cream Reference price: 20g / 135 yuan Product introduction: Shumin eye cream is soft, refreshing and not greasy, it can effectively elastic and moisturizing ingredients

After use, it can improve eye puffiness and eliminate fatigue, obviously eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes, soften the skin on the eyes, and relieve and smooth fine lines of dehydration.

  Netizen comment: After using it once, it was found to be well absorbed. After a little massage, it was completely absorbed, so I feel pretty good!

The moisturizing effect is great!

  Skin food Raspberry top compound eye cream Reference price: 25g / 198 yuan Product introduction: Raspberry and twelve kinds of natural plant extracts, to give the eye skin moisturizing, brightening, repairing and other effects, how much better?

With adenosine, it can tighten the eye lines and smooth fine lines, showing healthy and bright skin.

  Netizen comment: This firming effect is very good, I feel the bags under the eyes are significantly smaller.

  ARTISTRY Moisturizing Eye Cream Reference Price: 15ml / 264 yuan Product Introduction: Contains natural bioflavonoids extracted from lemon, grapefruit, citrus fruits and bitter orange blossom, strengthening the toughness of the capillary wall of the eye skin and reducing blood leakageDark circles caused by leaky deposits.

Contains flaxseed extract and licorice derivatives, soothes eye skin effectively and reduces capillary wall rupture due to inflammation.

Contains unique moisturizing lipid calcium carbonate, which replenishes skin with moisture, provides nourishment, smoothes care, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Contains Vitamin A and Centella Asiatica Extract to strengthen eye skin and reduce puffiness under eyes.

Ophthalmology, contact lens wearer testing and skin, allergy, and sensitivity tests will minimize the chance of irritation and allergies, and can be used on the skin around the eyes.

Non-oily formula keeps skin fresh.

  Comments from netizens: This eye cream is my favorite that I have used. First of all, it absorbs very fast, and the moisturizing degree is really good. It is particularly moisturized after application, but it is not greasy.

  Benefit Bei Lingfei Lightening Dark Circle Eye Cream Reference Price: 14g / 380 yuan Product Introduction: The nemesis of dark circles, containing apple, papaya leaves and other plant extracts, fades the gray circles that are under your eyes, and moisturizes the eyes around the eyes.Skin, reduces fine lines on the eyes.

Delicate and refreshing, suitable for morning and evening.

Eyecon stimulates skin microcirculation and reduces dark circles.

Reduces wrinkles and nourishes the skin around the eyes.

  Comments from netizens: It absorbs quickly and is not greasy and very moisturizing.

Can be used even with makeup.

  Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrient Eye Gel Reference Price: 15ml / 480 yuan Product Introduction: Delicate and sensitive eye skin is subject to daily blinking, fatigue, excessive eye use and unhealthy lifestyle, which can easily lead to dryness and dullness,lethargy.

All fresh and nourishing eye gel, light and comfortable transparent gel, red pomegranate extract and other natural skin care ingredients work together to instantly moisturize and calm sensitive eye skin, deep detoxify, remove dullness and brighten eye area, Moisturizing reproduces the eyes.

  Comments from netizens: This product is really my savior. For me who often stays up late, it can easily cause eye fatigue. People who use too much eyes are really helpful. Its light and comfortable transparent mile area is cool and cool on the eyes.It is especially easy to absorb. The red pomegranate extract works with other natural skin-care ingredients to deepen the skin. It helps me instantly moisturize and calm the sensitive eye skin. It is more happy to help me remove dullness and brighten the skin around the eyes.His eyes are moist.