Celery is Viagra among vegetables

Celery is Viagra among vegetables

Green and refreshing celery is common on the table.

Recently, the United States has published a new book, “Ten Steps to Forever Health”, some of which have been proposed. For men, celery is a “Viagra in vegetables”, which has a good help effect. Couples share celery juiceCan better promote sexual harmony.

     Professor Lu Bodong from the Andrology Center of the Second Hospital Affiliated to Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine introduced that celery is a kind of vegetable with rich nutrition, and has certain health care and medicinal value.

100 grams of celery contains protein 2.

2 grams, calcium 8.

5 mg, phosphorus 61 mg, iron 8.

5 mg, and rich in carotene and multivitamins, the protein content is 1 times higher than that of ordinary fruits and vegetables, and the iron content is about 20 times that of tomatoes.

     The antihypertensive effect of celery is caused by people, and it also has an adjuvant treatment effect on vascular sclerosis and neurasthenia.

But its most obvious effect is to promote sexual excitement.

Celery was once referred to as “couple food” in the West, and ancient Greek monks once listed it as fasting, mainly because celery contains androgens, which can stimulate erections and make males smell better.

     It is worth mentioning that too many families eat only stalks but not leaves when eating celery, which is not scientific.

The nutritional value of celery leaves is very high, and more than 10 indicators exceed the stem, including calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and C.

If you are not used to the taste of celery, it does not prevent it from being squeezed into juice. It will also have a good “helping effect”.