Table appetite is human health, how to improve the appetite of the middle-aged?(1)

  Life, greedy are often looked down upon, but greedy human body's normal performance, but also a healthy performance。
Once the appetite is not good, time to pay attention, especially in the elderly。
Especially middle-aged people often have this feeling, whether it is the face of delicacies, or home cooked meals, have no appetite, eating has become a vexing problem。Middle-aged man's body in a turning point of the boom-bust of the digestive system begins to degrade, thinning of the gastrointestinal mucosa, intestinal villi and glands begin to shrink, reducing gastric acid secretion of digestive juice, resulting in digestion and absorption capacity is affected。  How to improve the relationship between abnormal loss of appetite middle-aged and disease very closely, febrile illness of some miscellaneous diseases and acute and chronic infections, often abnormal appetite performance, so the situation will help to understand the appetite diagnosis of disease。  Loss of appetite, TCM believes that "main receiving the stomach, spleen transport", the same as the day after tomorrow biochemistry, the source of gas in the。Due to a variety of pathogenic factors that can affect the normal function of the stomach may cause loss of appetite and other symptoms, may have partial virtual, real distinction partial clinical symptoms associated with their comprehensive analysis can be divided into "stagnation dampness , spleen and stomach qi, qi stagnation, spleen and kidney. "。Once loss of appetite, poor appetite circumstances, should seek immediate medical attention, appropriate to exclude the disease, then the body to reach equilibrium state occurs through Recuperation。
So, greedy appetite normal explanation, it is a healthy performance。  If that middle-aged loss of appetite how to improve it?The following night network will teach you five methods to enhance the appetite。
  Improve middle-aged loss of appetite: 1, people were more delicious meal: lively dining atmosphere will change the mood of the elderly。For the elderly there is frustration, oppression and other psychological disorders, will help people dining together。
You can eat together and near the elderly, or families to eat together with the family。
  2, hot food taste Masaka: scent stimulate appetite role。Control the temperature of food is an important step to lock flavor, so foods should be eaten while hot。  3, thicken cream sauce add flavor: When cooking, you can re-entrance topped with sauce on boiled food。Such sweet and savory food shop only shallow surface, not only the desire to meet the tongue, do not have to worry about excessive intake of salt and sugar。  4, relax to some music: secretion of human stomach and intestines and digestive juices, and about the mental state, improve appropriate dining environment, play some relaxing music will no doubt change the old mood, appetite and then。  5, a small amount of low-alcohol wine drink: before meals drink a small amount of low-alcohol wine, such as wine helps appetizer。But should not drink a lot of soda and beer will not only dilute the gastric juice, but also makes the stomach expand and stimulate the satiety center。