How do gastric ulcer?Exercises treatment of gastric ulcers (1)

  Gastric ulcer patients now have more and more, most of the reason is because eating disorders, diet control, often eat too much, resulting in long-term in the past suffered from stomach ulcers。
So what exactly we treat gastric ulcer exercises, what does it mesh with the night with a look!  Ready to end stand, legs shoulder width apart, arms drooping naturally。  Start the hypogastric left a blunt end, palm up, along with inhale slowly, gently hand lines along the ventral chest rises to over his head, hands turn over palm begins slowly to the left rotor, and begin breath, to the left arm straight and palms down completely, and continue to slowly decline to natural droop。
  Then back to the right to do, of course, the right-hand and left-hand operation the same, left and right to make a total of 32。
  Respiratory and operation guide starts and a similar operation, hands flat side, opposite the fingertip, while gradually rising from the fuselage, to points on both sides over the top, down to the natural droop, repeated 16 times。  Boxing the starting position with the start action。
Start: squat, fists eye relative to put in the middle of the chest, right fist suddenly rushed to the front flat, punch after punch back into place, and then left fist punch。Fists punching pay 16 times。
  Waist hands on her hips, legs apart, back four times clockwise, counterclockwise waist 4。
  Roufu we often rubbing our abdomen can help us digest food, to reduce the burden of gastroenteritis。
  Upright legs apart, one above the other hands palm flat, the navel of the cover, to rub clockwise, then counterclockwise rubbing, rubbing each 8。