Stay up all night playing mobile phone carefully dry eye!(1)

  Small people willing to stay up the sea-induced play phone, in general, 1 minute blink about 20 times, the use of mobile phones, to reduce the number of blinks per minute, resulting in reduced secretion of tears and tear components change。
Once the stability of the corneal epithelium and tear film integrity was compromised, it will lead to "dry eye" of。
It is strongly recommended dropping points suitable artificial tears, not only wash off some of the ocular surface inflammatory factors produced by the cells, but also to improve the symptoms。
    It refers to any qualitative or quantitative tear causes abnormal or hemodynamic abnormalities, resulting in decreased tear film stability, accompanied by ocular discomfort and (or) the general term for a variety of diseases characterized by ocular tissue lesions。
Also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca。
The common symptoms include dry eyes, fatigue, itching, foreign body sensation, pain, burning sensation, sticky secretions, afraid of the wind, photophobia, very sensitive to external stimuli; sometimes the eye is too dry, lack of basic tears, but to stimulate reflex tear secretion, often causing tears;'s eye will be more severe swelling, redness, keratinocytes, corneal epithelial broken skin while the filament adhesion, which may cause damage to corneal and conjunctival lesion course of time, and will affect the vision。
  Because the cause of old age, lack of sleep, mental stress and other physiological reasons, cause decline in the quality of tears。  2, taking part of antihypertensive drugs and neuroleptics produce an impact portion of tear film, such as taking chlorpheniramine have deleterious effects on the tear film, some currently taking contraceptives propranolol reduces tear production。  3, the environment, such as a drying room in which, due to increased tear evaporation。
  4, the operation for a long time in the computer, to reduce vehicle driving, and other fine reading operations, number of transients directory。
  5, the contact lens tear other reasons, allergic conjunctivitis, air pollution, ultraviolet rays, etc., caused by the reduction, decrease mass。
  6, long-term use of antibiotics, flora。
  7, postpartum hormone levels due to the instability, the month with the eyes or improper emotional instability caused by dry eye crying。
  Eat foods stimulate prevention, eat foods rich in vitamin A, C, E of fruits and foods; such as: liver, egg yolk, milk, butter (cod liver oil) or dark green, yellow colors of fruits and vegetables (such as: bok choy, carrots , spinach, tomato, papaya, sweet potato, mango, citrus, or the like。) Eye irritation, eye Yao do not buy their own water use, because long-term use of some drugs can cause conjunctiva, cornea damage, and occurred。  Long read or operate a computer, is recommended every 50 minutes, necessary to rest for 5-10 minutes, at rest involuntary blinking, eye surface can spread uniformly thin layer of tears, to protect the cornea。