Why do women love with a nagging you understand women

Heart relax world wide in the final analysis, the main reason is because of nagging thinking too much, or what want, or what does not satisfy, or what grievances, in short, it is because the mind is too delicate lead。 In fact, you think about it, a woman in marriage, how many will be able to really get any woman happy in his marriage would not have a trace of frustration and grievances do not always think before how and how, how and how other people, too If you do not think will change how and how, do nothing, thought so much doing nothing more inviting trouble。 Marriage of a woman is too much trouble, worry more, you can not become preachy but worry not because you want to live in will become less nagging problem so it can be processed as quickly as possible, and quickly deal with , can not deal with the heart to relax some, the throw to throw, remember these words: relax the mind, world wide。 Why do men hate women nagging (1), repeat the command: woman of the man calling the shots not respond, it will continue to repeat the requirements (rather than request), for example: "you exactly when to replace it Lamp" (2) care reminder: even if a woman is in the care men are reminded, if not the man wanted to hear, you will feel bored, you know says。
(3), praised others: women are sometimes expressed appreciation for the words and deeds of others, but if men think women Huazhongyouhua, this, too, nag: "Pharaoh next door bought this Valentine's Day to send his wife a designer bags, she proudly flaunt it to everyone!"Or:" I heard Wu it will repair appliances, anything is broken, he can get San Liangxia!"(4), to share thoughts: What makes a woman feel aggrieved I am afraid that this kind of a busy day two people finally see the face, talk about the idea of my heart with you, only you and I represent close as ever。
But the man wanted to relax after work, quietly look at a newspaper to be satisfied, at this time if the woman express a thousand words, they really be sensible: "The Office Chen Xiao Xu and roaring with each other at a meeting today, the manager actually I went to coordinate their conflict……"Why do women love nagging For women, these elements function completely different form of communication, however, but to the man's ears, they all become the same kind of definition: 'long-winded nag'。
The woman is understood that, basically as long as a man upset of communication, even nagging, Kazakhstan!This also explains why men think women are nagging all the time, while women are only admitted that he "very occasionally" will be nagging differences。 (1), on behalf of nagging low power: Only one party can command a higher power low-power people, women continue to request command, it means that the transfer of power, of course tired man。
(2), suggesting that nagging lack of ability: men think, I do things its own sense of proportion, priorities can master, which indicates the needs of others, so to hear a woman say this and that, I felt she made clear not trust my ability。 (3), expressed nagging happy enough: a woman might think that talking is to share feelings, ears to hear the man, but was translated as "You can not blame me make you happy……"Otherwise you would be so much suffering and their own cattle and horses every day, I did not realize she was still not happy, the man tried to get the more depressed。
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