Baby fever remedies to fast three quick points fever

Fast to the baby fever which?Baby fever her mother were very worried, then what fast to the baby fever remedies, what does?Following small to talk about with you quickly to the baby fever remedies。 Fast to the baby fever remedies 1, ten declared hole hole ten declared that the fingers about, a total of 10。
Shixuan points more applications, widely used in folk ,, fever convulsions in children, etc.。
High fever, edged needle prick blood, bleeding preferably 3-5 drops。 2, Dazhui Ojo depression in the seventh cervical spine, is Du twelve meridians in the body all the intersection yang, the Governor a yang, is relieving fever of common points。 In Dazhui to Needle prick blood, better Cupping。 Dazhui can also be done, with the push of the spine, i.e. with the food, the two pulp or heel pushed from the top down to the coccyx Dazhui straight, pushing about 100?300 times。
3, Qu pool, gu, toggle outside the customs points, the stripes do, i.e., the outer edge of the medial epicondyle of the humerus as depression Quchi。 Gu commonly known as "tiger's mouth", between the first metacarpal and the second metacarpal recess。
Qu pool and gu belong to hand Yangming large intestine, both Shufeng solution form, can clear diarrhea Yangming。
Waiguan dorsal wrist two horizontal stripes midpoint rounding up means。 Outside the customs points eight veins is one of the crossing points, is the main point for relieving fever。
Fast to the baby fever remedies mm needle with three points, can lower body temperature。 Massage can also be three points, in conjunction with the food, the two pulp from the wrist crease towards the elbow up about 300 times。
After midnight sudden high fever fever small recipe 1, a small piece of ginger (about 10 grams), mash, deposited in the high bone at the wrist, or directly attached to the sections at high bone, wrapped with gauze, stickers a tape fixed, usually about 40 minutes fever.。 2,15 g, 500 ml of water, cooking 5-8 minutes, cool until the temperature, repeated scrubbing with gauze dipped axilla, forehead, thigh, until the child until the fever。