Interpretation of why intelligent urban transportation construction yard has become an important project of wisdom

  In the rapid development of Internet technology, now emerged on the market a lot of smart devices, parking system is no exception, since the license plate recognition technology is applied to the parking system, can be considered truly been achieved。
Parking management system can effectively solve the dispute-prone labor costs, the cost of the loss, theft of vehicles, low service efficiency, image management and poor, is the ideal modern transportation, property, security management solution products, therefore, intelligent the parking management system integrated into the traffic has become an inevitable。
  Parking difficult issue has been one of China's traffic problems, China is now the world's third largest auto producer and second largest auto consumer, as the number of cars is growing, demand is also increasing parking。
Intelligent parking management system is able to focus on solving the parking difficulties people encounter in the parking process, the car hard to find, access speed is sluggish, a single mode of payment and so on, fully meet the people effectively meet the needs of the modern parking lot。
  Now some intelligent parking management systems market enjoys popular support, then what kind of advantage it has the charm of it?  1, high efficiency inlet passage entrance maximum traffic efficiency up to more than a dozen vehicles / min, combined with self-service payment terminal, exports also reached the entrance of the same traffic efficiency, avoid parking inside and outside the vehicle queue congestion。   2, diverse payment methods in addition to the export charges, the system also offers a variety of self-service payment terminals, mobile payment terminal, central charges, merchant payment, handheld terminal fees and other payment methods to further facilitate owners to improve the efficiency of export traffic。
  3, to eliminate the parking fee system is not leaking to the media IC card fees, which can effectively stop changing the card, a multi-purpose card such as parking widespread evasion means。
At the same time, the system has strict remit fees, audit fees management system, to the greatest extent avoid all kinds of man-made causes of vulnerability fees, parking fees to ensure full and truthful charge。
  4, the owner out of the safe and comfortable car owners out of barrier-free access, avoiding parking tickets and take the card to bring rain and snow inconveniences, put an end to the process because of the parking take the card slide of the vehicle, turn off potential safety problems。