24 + 10 + 7 James almost three punch!This injustice you lose count

  Beijing on March 12 NBA regular season to continue fighting, knight challenge the Lakers on the road, they eventually lost to the Lakers to 113 than 127。 The game LeBron – James 9 20 shots get 24 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in the data。   Before the US media published a set of data – on the road against the Lakers, James made five straight, and averaging can get points, the Lakers can say is one of James's favorite opponent。   Today, before the start of the game, James and Thomas and former teammates like their smaller of his two small sons were greeting。   Because Hood and Osman missed the game because of injuries, today's game against the Lakers, James the burden is bound to become more severe。
The fact is that, today, one up James launched the first attack, outside third hit, a converted offensive play two layup to the basket foul, single James got 10 points, but first James rare not sent an assist。
  James II apparently strengthened its sent out four assists in the organization of the control end, a single, in particular, the end of James Kyle Korver fake pass, then no-look pass to unguarded Zizic help it is particularly exciting in the basket dunk。   James did not seem to force the third quarter, in addition to a start hit a three-pointers and assists Nance complete the alley-oop dunk, and other times do not see too many James highlight moment。
  James came back the fourth quarter, first assists, Kyle Korver hit third, followed by singles succeed yourself, Nance assists dunk the basket。
But because the team behind it is too much the ultimate James was substituted。   James first section showed good offensive state to get 10 points, but after three games he got 14 points, and ultimately have no choice but to see the team is a little bit of the game away opponents。
The last game loss to the Clippers, and today they lost to the Lakers' trip, James tour Los Angeles, Staples tour trip is obviously very frustrating flies。
  (Yu Heng)。