Sanchez: playing hard to move too fast too late to adapt to happen at Manchester United

  Since joining Manchester United in January, Sanchez's performance is not satisfactory。
Played in only 10 games into a ball data is also difficult to meet the expectations of the fans。
It appears that Sanchez is still not adapted to Manchester United。
In an interview with Chilean media interview, Sanchez admits this point。
  Sanchez said: "I'm very own request, I expect I can play better。
After I came to Manchester United, I want to quickly change everything very difficult。 I even hesitate to come to the national team。
The club is very sudden change of。 This is the first time I changed the team in January。
A lot of tough things happen in my life, I thought I'd solved。
"Sanchez said he did not want to participate in this weekend's friendly against Chile and Sweden, but eventually changed his mind, he said:" I mentioned earlier that the application does not play these games, but then I think it should and Bravo (Chile captain ) under discussion, tell him that we should unite。 "(Reilly)。