China's active response to the H1N1 flu outbreak

6, home quarantine needs attention?   1.Patients try to live in a single room, reducing the chance of contact with the co-occupants。    2.Separate toilet ventilation immediately after use, and cleaning and disinfection。
   3.Cough and sneeze use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth protection。
   4.After contact with respiratory secretions should be used for hand washing or disinfectant cleaners。 As shown in Figure 7, as long as infected with influenza A H1N1 influenza will be hospitalized yet?  Ministry of Health, "Influenza A H1N1 influenza treatment program (third edition, 2009)" requirement, according to the patient's condition and status of local medical resources, should be arranged in accordance with the principles hospitalized with severe priority。 At high risk of infection is easier to become severe cases, arrangements should be hospitalized for treatment。
Mild cases may arrange home quarantine observation and treatment。 8, the individual can purchase their own right thevaccine?  Can not。   According to China's control needs the H1N1 flu outbreak, the H1N1 flu vaccine this harmonization of procurement by the government, the deployment of national unity, and focus on key priorities for the crowd, the individual is not self-purchase。
9, the seasonal flu vaccine can prevent influenza A H1N1 influenza do?  Can not。
  Pandemic influenza virus is a new virus, people are generally susceptible。 Seasonal flu vaccine and a flu vaccine uses virus strains are different, yet studies have shown that cross-preventive effect between the two vaccines。
10, efficacy and safety of vaccination A vaccine how?  From the current clinical trials of view, there are at least 85% of the population have a protective effect after the flow of vaccine inoculation, still observed persistence of vaccine protected。
Judging from vaccination, vaccine safety is also very good, although there have been some very small number of reactions, but the seasonal vaccine, is in a safe range of。