Hong Kong Federation of Journalists held its 20th anniversary celebration

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 19 – Hong Kong Federation of Journalists held its 20th anniversary celebration on the 19th here, nearly 700 community attended。
Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists Jiang Zhong in his speech that Hong Kong is the world's financial center, trade center, shipping center, but also the information center, is the world's most concentrated media, one of the most developed areas。
National Development Strategy provides both development opportunities for Hong Kong, but also provides opportunities for the media。 He called on the media colleagues to provide a wealth of information services for Hong Kong to participate in the national "Thirteen Five" plan and "along the way" building, at the same time to create a harmonious atmosphere for the Hong Kong society, promote long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong。 Founded 20 years ago, the Hong Kong press delegation of Federation of Journalists organize trips to visit the mainland, more than 50 times, traveled the country。 Through field visits and interviews, broaden their horizons; through news reports, so that the audience increase understanding and awareness of the Mainland, Hong Kong and the mainland also strengthened peer communication and exchange media。 Meanwhile, the Association actively promote industry training, a total of 20 years, held the 14th National Affairs Study Program for the press, and has invited experts to organize seminars in Hong Kong。 (Reporter indifferent)。