ntity nodded, “right right right, yes such a thing, you do not know, I had to see her unhappy, especially the educated youth Luo to send something, you did not see her face, as if things were divided up their own West and East like, how to be more ugly ugly, Lu Ming苏州夜网419 said his wife had three children equally, she is not very happy, put his face to see who ah.”

  Xue Flower generous, often receive Luomeng Ying sent snacks will be distributed to everyone taste, Xue Huahua did not want to, but put Yunfang deputy was eating their own thing people look, see Sungui cents on Wohuo several深圳桑拿网 times to punch Yunfang angry, finally refrained.
  ”To me, Xiao Ming followed sooner or later she will be led astray, so what stuff things take the initiative and give Xiao Ming, you see Xiao Ming, a few peanuts have hidden food to eat alone, and certainly with his school milk.”Sungui cents supplement.
  Xue Huahua not want to evaluate Yunfang of dealing with others, shouting Sungui cents to the kitchens to see enough firewood to cook food for pigs tomorrow, get free time to hold the wood dust and debris falling down, Sungui cents Miaole Yan, “Flower, and so will sweep, I will hold out some wood.”
  This interrupt, they did not continue to talk Yunfang things, Sungui cents after the pyre in the kitchen with his scythe to go behind the house, in Zhao Caizhi they cut off the old bamboo, had just taken the Yuanba, see Xiao Ming took 北京风月会所a lot pages back, his mouth sugar, wholeness unclear shouted a voice Sun grandmother, Sungui cents towards glanced behind him, not seen Yunfang figure a bit strange, and asked Xiao Ming, “your grandmother does?Not to say you went out Xue ill grandmother went to the bar?”
  Bob moved his mouth, bulging sugar slid from the left to the right, he pointed to the direction of Lu Jianguo home, “Grandma went to look for the founding grandfather, grandmother Sun, stuff older brother?”
  ”In learning it, Xiao Ming ah.”Sun Gui Xian to see his eyes red and swollen, eyelashes there l