asket,” Xiao Ming brother, to you.”

Need mother sixty-seventh chapter
  Xiao Ming rubbed his eyes, bending out his hand, not get tofu was shot Yunfang open hand, Yunfang bristling eyebrows, eyes fierce, “Xiao Ming do not, you carry it with me.”Her condition is much better than at home, but Xue Huahua?Only a few pages, is more at home.
  Then finished, Yunfang holding Xiao Ming stormed away, her arms Xiao Ming seems unwilling, to reach out and ask stuff tofu, also let Yunfang put him down, Yunfang to gas, directly in his ass shot twice. ” your mother did not mind Taoxintaof苏州夜网ei people even, you can long point mind ah, no matter how good you are dim for people, people simply does not remember feeling.”
  Meaning anyone could hear her oblique accusations, Sungui Pooh two cents, “Is not it help literacy, Lu Ming is the wife of work, have anything to do with her Yunfang, very shameless.”Sungui cents to Yunfang unhappy for a long time, even before all sorts, she is unhappy Yunfang superior attitude, as if requested Xue Huahua doing things should be, do not do it is to face rejection Xue Huahua does not recognize people, Xue may be able to flower it wants, for as her early Yunfang and decorum, and look find Xue flower broom sweeping turn, she said, “flower, Yunfang that people should not indulge, Lu Ming couple who have nothing good to her, Although Lu Ming wife help you literacy owe you favors, but Lu 北京风月网Ming wife also had benefits, should not you have a wife Lu Ming today?”
  Li Xuemei directed at family composition, and even primary schools threshold can not get into, obviously mutually beneficial thing to his mouth as if Yunfang by how much wronged like.
  ”Xuemei today is their own efforts, and I have nothing, my people what to say, Xuemei help our family thing I will not forget, but will not be bullied by a person or two kids.”Yunfang doting Xiao Ming, so use that is to call the marching orders to go to the attitude of the West and the East, do not even think.
  Sungui cents ide