Bob a stack.”

  Yunfang look fairly kind, the stuff handed a reluctance to her, who knows Yunfang just took the hand of Xiao Ming gave crying, “well-behaved, do not cry, and quickly took ah.”
  Understand stuff taken the bait, raising his hand hit Yunfang, the “lie, but also my tofu, that’s my.”
  ”No rules no moment, why did not you hit, just do not pay you back, I told you ah, your parents are your grandmother Xiao Ming mother of the student, you’d do it, I tell you to hit your grandmother.”Yunfang staring eyes, facial expressions not only of mild co苏州夜网mpound, looks a little grim, scared wow stuff sound of crying, weeping, raised their hands to return to their tofu.
  Yunfang holding Xiao Ming, ignoring jumped up and down the East, towards Xue Huahua said, “This stuff intolerable temper.”
  Who knows if not finished, head outstretched hand, grabbed the hands of tofu Xiao Ming to return the stuff, Yunfang see shocked, “Xue Flower, what are you doing?”
  Xue Huahua can tolerate selfish Stingy Yunfang, but she could not endure as it should be something to get people’s attitude, “is the stuff of tofu, you may want Xiaoming good words good words said to him, do not give up, he said count, since you say it was borrowed, borrowed will also, I did nothing wrong ah.”
  Next Sungui cents to see happy, Xue Huahua should have a quarrel with Yunfang, Li Xuemei help literacy Xue Huahua really owe a favor, but rather arrogant attitude Yunfang point, that is what people should do, where did this people ah.
  ”But it is tofu, to Xiao Ming, how, and you need it in the hands grab?”Yunfang gently along the Xiao Ming scared speechless, staring fiercely Xue Huahua.
  Xue Flower for stuff flattened tofu, do not 深圳桑拿网light not heavy tone, “I was just learning your way, you do this to stuff on the line, I’m so why not for Bob?”She helped organize good stuff tofu in the basket, let him go to write, take a look at the stuff she look Yunfang a straight face, slowly took a tofu and handed Xiao Ming from the b