gossip, after Li Xuemei teaching, Xiao Ming stay in the village with her, Xiao Ming to eat what she cooked, for what she gave, Xiao Ming to stuff a basket of tofu, Yunfang look inside four or five, took a to Xiao Ming, asked Xue flower, “is the stuff every day to play w广州桑拿网ith this person?Not that textbook stack, what fun?”

  ”Kids no fun, and consequently strange enough, play this stuff or tetra he taught, saying school students play.”Tofu flower Xue know, she also played a child, only a small stack than this, a few girls, little effort, there is no turning back and forth several 深圳桑拿网times not hit the mood to play, comparatively speaking, more by picking up stones girls like.
  Xiao Ming took the tofu looked down to Yunfang him, and from there took a basket, to play himself up on the veranda.
  Eastern shit in the toilet, came out to see him play Xiao Ming tofu, cries ran snatch tofu, with lightning speed to shoot a small Mingba palm, Xiao Ming center of gravity fell to the floor, his mouth open flat cried, pointing to the hands of the stuff tofu is his call, he picked up the Yunfang distressed, “stuff, you are my brother, to give a tofu Xiao Ming ah.”Said, reaching to grab the hands of tofu stuff, stuff grabbed go out into the direction of the basket Xue Huahua run, running and shouting for help.
  Sungui cents hear the sound from the kitchen with it, cursing Yunfang bullying, “the stuff of rock and tofu is a gre深圳桑拿at treasure to you rob him of doing, there is little Switzerland, you ask him to ah.”
  Sungui Sin is Yunfang see of the less pleasing to the eye, Li Xuemei Xiao Ming left she regarded inertia into what looks like, but also people Eiko said before Laotaibuxiao brother back, she saw Xiao Ming is, obviously Montreal jump when Yunfang love to hug, not hold back is good, but also let her spoiled child.
  Xiao Ming Liu Yunfang with one hand holding the other hand toward the basket stuff, “Dongdong, Liu grandmother to look at your long Shayangzi tofu, go home and I will give