f the times, to give an example so that they mimic the writing, the other he cares, who knows a few people capability, making sentences a more than a stupid, until finally a classmate finished, they leave the campus carrying a bag.

  Come to a fork in the road of the strip, then they took out tofu, put in a small way to start playing.
  After teaching Lu Hongying, Liu Lu Jianxun not how to find a great treasure they play, because they have to find times and told them the job, a few clumsy and stupid, has finished work in the evening, and certainly the first to go home ah, so 广州桑拿网he Zhang rain to find a few of them to play, but they are too stupid Zhang rain, every day, in addition to his win, others have not won, he won himself a little bit timid, and thought, or they continue to look for Liu Po tofu play count the.
  Win less, but low risk.
  And I do not know under whose leadership, the production team of children have learned to tofu, all the clothes in his pocket Chuaizhuo tofu, bamboo gathered in the school holiday play, the stuff collected seven or eight, are given by Lu Jianxun, bamboo often hear a voice, he grabbed it and ran back tofu bamboo, look for them to play with.
  His strength is small, put tofu knocked face very difficult, almost never won, often all he lost, but he is not afraid to lose, Liu Lu Po and rocks in hand, then he would tofu lend, borrow how much reading to find Lu Jianxun al苏州夜网so, do not look Liu Dabao lost every day in school, he considered powerful production team, a lot of kids are not his opponent.
  Eastern addicted to fight and tofu do not want to play Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming ran after him after he pay any attention to butt in his mouth, the frequency of Dabao and rock high up significantly, ev杭州桑拿洗浴en Xiao Ming to take the initiative to give him candy to eat, stuff refused to play with him, the estimated time after school each day waiting in the bamboo forest, over time and consequently.
  Xue Flower is not bound by those he touches Yunfang said a few