ad helped me cut in half, I give half of it to her sister.”

  ”OK, I’ll cut.”Caramel is soft, Pei Naochun do not have a knife, cleanly across the bag apart on the line.
 Hoon Paizhuo angry, “Walk walk away from me, I do not want to talk to you, in the end you have not previously listen to the teacher, ah, can not write brilliant rotten.”This word, West will be able to 北京洗浴网pick up a pen to write, Liu Bao level a few years will not be so simple.
  Liu Bao also sat next to a few boys, they are following Liu Bora rub answers, they know where to land the teacher so much, ah, homework is not done properly be beaten, or they just do not do it.
  In front of the boys turned around to see the sentence made Liu Bao, Lu Jianxun Paizhuo angry, “Can you yourself think, ah, where sentences have made exactly the same way, you two know Lu teacher pointing your job is a copy of.”
  ”Then how do ah?”Several boys shining innocent eyes, looking pitiful Lu Jianxun.
  Lu Jianxun angry stomping, “how do how do you yourselves think, ah, think about the creation of meaning, again according to the meaning of sentences, idioms and two below, and understand the meaning of their own sentences.”Look at a few people still sleepwalking exp苏州龙凤419网ression, explained Lu Jianxun angrily to create meaning,” create, manufacture of the invention is meant, who made you think about what it would be.”
  Several boys enlightened, holding pen, serious sentences in the book: “creation: the family house is the creation of grandparents.”
  ”Mom and Dad made me m苏州夜网arry.”
  Lu Jianxun glanced down sentences they made my heart feel sorry for the Lu Hongying, a few stalls are so stupid, the class average score mentioning get up Caiyou Gui, he knocked on the desktop urged, “Come on you, I’m waiting for tofu you hit it, so every day you again, then I just find that they play Zhang rain.”
  Liu Bao finished the sentence with a mix of Chinese characters spelling mode, pointing to the bottom idiom began to ask, Lu Jianxun explain the meaning o